The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5095

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5095-Awoman ina black dress approached.

“Thea.” James quickly stood up, walked over, and took her hand.

“Mhm,” Thea responded tenderly.

She looked at James and asked, “What do you plan to do after completing the Orstellen Realm’s trial and becoming the Orstellen Sect Leader? James’ demeanor immediately shifted.

He replied seriously, “ Although Emperor Raiah had repelled the Extraterrestrial Demons, they are still a threat to the Endlos.

Countless Extraterrestrial Demons are trying to infiltrate through the Boundless Road and the Tribulation World borders.

They are attacking from various areas simultaneously.

“There are powerhouses guarding the Boundless Road and the Tribulation World.

We owe the Endlos’ current peace to them.

“After I become the Orstellen Sect’s leader, I’]] be able to cultivate the Orstellen Art and remove the villagers’ seals.

Then, we’ll need to work with Wyot to unite the Endlos Lights and obtain the complete Herstellen Art.

“By then, my strength should have already reached its peak, and T’ll be able to solve the Endlos’ impending catastrophe.” “T don’t want you to shoulder such a huge responsibility.” Thea gently stroked her hair, looked toward the Extraterrestrial Army in the distance, and said, “Throughout these years, you’ve contributed significantly to the Human Race and the Endlos’ Ten Districts.

It’s more than enough.” James replied smilingly, “But if I don’t stand up, who will? With great strength comes great responsibility.

My greatest wish is for you, our children, and the Human Race to be safe and to havea safe home.

There will be no peace in the Endlos if the Extraterrestrial Demons aren’t eliminated.” James tenderly caressed Thea’s face and said earnestly, “I promise you, after the Extraterrestrial Demons are wiped out, we’ll live in seclusion and never interfere with outside affairs.” “Huff,” Thea sighed.

She had been looking forward to living with James in peace.

Unfortunately, that day was still far.

In fact, she felt it might never come.

The couple stood at the cliff holding hands as they looked at the Extraterrestrial Demons within the dark mist.

Suddenly, a guard approached and knelt on the ground.

“Report!” James turned around and ordered, “Go on.” “Zaden from the Dooms and the powerhouses that have allied with them have started to compete with us for territory.

Their troops are much more significant in numbers compared to ours.

Moreover, their overall strength is also stronger.

They’ve occupied almost half of the district, whereas we’ve only conquered about a quarter.” James frowned after hearing the report.

“Zaden is such a headache.” Thea asked, “What do you plan to do?” James replied, “Send word for Henrik, Yardos, and the others to return to the base.

We need to discuss countermeasures.” The Human Race was at a disadvantage against the Dooms and their allies.

The human powerhouses sent out to conquer the other universes returned to their base.

Henrik growled, “I think we should just wipe them out.

Zaden is causing too much trouble.

Keeping him and the other powerhouses siding with him alive is only going to make matters more complicated for us.” James turned to Yardos and asked, “What do you think?” Yardos thought for a while and replied, “I agree with Henrik.

If we want to eliminate the Extraterrestrial Demons, we must resolve our internal conflict first.

If Zaden keeps interfering, getting rid of them will be difficult.”


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