The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5094

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5094-On the other side of the city, Zaden had also occupied a spiritual mountain as his temporary base.

“What should we do now?” Zaden behaved humbly in front of the various powerhouses.

“James’ side is too powerful right now.

He and his wife are peerless powerhouses.

Now, they even have Wyot and Taran helping them.” Zaden said worriedly, “It’s going to be a difficult battle against the Human Race.” Countless powerhouses were gathered within the hall, including many well-known figures during Emperor Raiah’s era.

At that moment, Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch stepped forward.

He stroked his white beard and said, “It’s impossible for us to fight against the Human Race right now.

We can only prevent James from completing the Orstellen Realm’s trial and becoming the Orstellen Sect’s Leader.” Zaden asked, “How do we stop him?” Xezal suddenly came up with an idea and said, “According to speculation, we must defeat the Extraterrestrial Demons to complete the trial.

We can join forces with the Extraterrestrial Demons.” Many of the powerhouses were convinced by her suggestion.

Zaden looked at her and said, “What’s your plan?” Xezal thought awhile and said, “Lady Tehila created the Orstellen Realm.

The living beings here are all projections, including the Extraterrestrial Demons.

However, they aren’t aware of it.

There must be powerhouses amongst the Extraterrestrial Demons stronger than James.” After a brief pause, Xezal elaborated, “As long as we can find the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Great Commander and unite with them to eliminate James and the other human’s spiritual bodies, then we can prevent James from becoming the Orstellen Sect’s Leader.

“While working with the Extraterrestrial Demons, we must also keep an eye out for their weaknesses.

After destroying the humans, then we can eliminate the Extraterrestrial Demons.” Xezal explained her plan and gained everyone’s approval.

It was their only opportunity to win the humans.

“Report.” At that moment, a spy rushed into the hall and knelt on one knee.

Zaden said, “Go on.” “The humans have launched attacks against major universes and conquered a few.

One of the universes refused to submit to them and was annihilated.” The spy reported about the humans’ activities.

Xezal frowned and said, “We can’t let them get ahead of us.

Amongst the Human Race, only James, Thea, and Wyot are on the stronger side.

Their overall strength isn’t comparable to ours.

We must take action before they conquer more universes and unite with the primitive living beings of the Orstellen Realm.” “Alright.” Zaden nodded.

He looked at the powerhouses gathered and said, “I’m counting on everyone.” The Dooms quickly started after learning that the humans began taking action.

James sat near the borders and observed the situation.

The Extraterrestrial Demons were constantly attacking the formation.

Fortunately, the formation was potent and would not break anytime soon.

Thus, he was confident in stabilizing the situation with the district before the Extraterrestrial Demons broke through the formation.

At the spiritual mountain’s backside, James sat on a boulder and looked into the distance.


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