The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5093

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5093-Hetsema’s attack contained all his strength.

However, he could not destroy Youri’s spiritual body and only caused minor injuries.

Swoosh! Zaden instantly flashed in front of Hetsema.

Hetsema quickly backed away in fear.

He stood beside James and Thea with a smug expression.

Zaden looked at Wyot and asked, “Do you insist on helping him, wyot?” Wyot nodded lightly.

Zaden said coldly, “Alright, I see how it is.

As the Lord of the Doom Race, I declare that Wyot has been banished from the Dooms.” Wyot smiled lightly at his words.

He had no intention to return to the Dooms.

Xezal could only go along with her father’s decision since she could not convince Wyot to return to them.

Zaden turned to the crowd and asked, “Who is willing to follow me?” The majority of the crowd wanted to join Zaden because the Human Race was already too powerful.

They did not want the humans to continue growing stronger.

If James were to become the Orstellen Sect’s Leader, they would become untouchable.

However, they refrained from expressing their stance out of fear toward James.

A massive crowd was gathered, but nobody dared to speak.

“Pll join James.” After a brief moment, someone finally broke the silence.

Byron from the Saber Sect was the first to speak up, expressing his willingness to side with the humans.

Shortly after, a few more followed suit.

Unfortunately, there were not many who chose to stand with the humans.

Most of the powerhouses who came to the Orstellen Realm were from hidden sects.

Being scheming was second nature to them.

They did not want the Human Race to continue growing stronger and rule the Endlos.

After several powerhouses expressed their stance to side with the humans, a few hidden sects chose the Dooms in hopes of uniting against the Human Race.

Even if they could not suppress the Human Race, they wanted to at least prevent James from successfully becoming the Orstellen Sect’s Leader.

Soon, the hidden sect’s powerhouses had also picked a side, with most of them joining the Dooms.

James frowned at the results.

He expected most living beings to side with him after defeating Taran.

However, he had underestimated their greed.

“Let’s go.” James did not make any further statements and left with the group of humans.

The Human Race had set up a temporary residence on a spiritual mountain within a bordering universe of the Orstellen Realm.

James sat down in the spiritual mountain’s main hall, whereas the Human Race’s powerhouses and those who had sided with them gathered below him.

Henrik stepped forward and asked, “What should we do now, James?” James replied, “Assemble our manpower to attack the primitive living beings of the Orstellen Realm’s various universes and conquer them.

If they refuse to ally with us, then kill them.” The Orstellen Realm was merely an illusion.

The living beings within the realm were projected from history.

They had already died a long time ago.

Even if they were to die in the Orstellen Realm, it would not change their actual fate.

“Wyot, you lead an army toward the east.

“Henrik, you lead an army toward the west.

“Yardos, you lead an army toward the south.” James gave a series of orders, distributing his troops.


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