The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5092

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5092-James emerged as the battle’s winner after using his mysterious formation against Taran.

Although Taran could badly injure James if they were in a life-and -death battle, he would have to pay a hefty price, possibly his life.

The group of humans surrounded James.

Hetsema showered James with endless flattery.

Thea interjected, asking, “What’s next?” James replied, “We must unite the living beings of the Orstellen Realm and the powerhouses from the outside world that are here with spiritual bodies to fight against the Extraterrestrial Demons outside the city.

The Orstellen Realm’s trial should be over after the Extraterrestrial Demons are eliminated.” Henry said smilingly, “You’ve defeated Taran and have become the strongest person in the Endlos.

With a word from you, countless living beings will definitely come together.

James looked at the surrounding living beings.

He stepped forward and said, “I need everyone’s attention.

To complete the Orstellen Realm’s trial, we must unite to deal with the Extraterrestrial Demons together.” “Haha!” A powerhouse stepped out of the crowd and laughed contemptuously.

Then, he said, “You’re a real schemer, James.

You want us to help you fight off the Extraterrestrial Demons so that you can easily become the Orstellen Sect’s leader and obtain the Orstellen Art, right?” “He’s right.

There’s no way we’ll help you.” “Don’t even think about it, James.” “T would rather help someone else, but not you.” Many living beings expressed their disapproval.

“Since you’re useless to me, then be gone,” James said calmly.

He did not want to keep troublemakers around.

His body mysteriously disappeared in a flash.

In just a few seconds, he returned to his original position.

The spiritual bodies of those who had opposed his suggestion were obliterated.

Even though they were at the Chaos Rank, they were like ants to James.

It was too easy for James to destroy their spiritual bodies.

Many living beings were gathered around the area.

After seeing James’ ruthless ways, they held their tongues.

“T’ll help you, James.” Wyot approached and stopped in front of James.

Zaden cursed out after seeing Wyot’s actions, “That brat!” Xezal walked over, stared at Wyot, and said coldly, “What are you doing, Wyot? You’ re siding with the wrong people! How can you help the humans? You’re from the Doom Race and should be on our side.” Wyot cast acold glance at Xezal.

It was true he was from the Dooms.

However, he was disappointed with them after Xezal tried to sacrifice him.

He replied calmly, “Remember you tried to offer me to Mekaisto to earn his favor? I would’ve died long ago if James had not interfered with your plan when he impersonated me to infiltrate the Dooms.

“You…” Xezal wanted to refute him, but she was at a loss for words.

She took a deep breath and fell into thought.

After a while, she said, “In exchange for the Dooms’ prosperity, your sacrifice would’ve been worth it.

Since you survived, you should be standing with us.

With your, my father’s, and the Dooms’ strength, we won’t necessarily lose to the humans.

We could complete the Orstellen Realm’s trial together.” Even with their strained relationship with Wyot, Xezal refused to give up.

Youri stepped forward and said, “Don’t be stubborn, Wyot.

The Dooms spent a lot of effort to raise you.

Moreover, James impersonated you and slept with Yemima.

They even have a bastard child.

He has shamed you, so how can you side with the humans?” “What did you say, you old man?” Hetsema’s face darkened, and a murderous aura emerged from his body.

He roared, “Who are you calling a bastard child? Do you have a death wish?” Hetsema flashed in front of Youri and launched an attack.

He had already entered the Chaos Illimita Rank.

On the other hand, Youri was once one of the strongest in the Dooms.

However, his cultivation rank had not improved yet and was still at the Caelum Boundless Rank.

Despite that, his physical strength was exceptional.


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