The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5091

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5091-After leaving a few words, Taran’s spiritual body disappeared from the area.

Taran’s body, which was sitting in a lotus position outside of the Orstellen Realm, had suffered injuries after his spiritual body was hurt.

His appearance had changed from a middle-aged man toa wrinkled old man.

King Marciais stood at the hall’s entrance.

He gasped and said, “ James is incredible.

If I were to fight with everything I have, I wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

His cultivation base isn’t even at its peak yet.

Once he improves, he’ll be untouchable.” Cray gently stroked his white beard and said while smiling, “He’s really amazing.

Emperor Raiah resolved the Endlos’ internal and external conflicts.

He conquered many restricted areas, repelled the Extraterrestrial Demons, and created a prosperous age.

However, his era has passed.

Right now, it’s James’ era.

He will open an unprecedented era of his own.” In the Orstellen Realm, James appeared on the tall and wide city wall in a flash.

Countless living beings had gathered on the city wall to watch the fight.

As soon as James appeared, they quickly backed away.

James walked toward the group of humans that were looking at him excitedly.

“It’s really you, James!” Thea stood amongst the group, wearing a black dress.

Her pretty face was overwhelmed with joy.

She was certain the Grand Priest was James.

The other powerful humans were also sure of his identity.

The mysterious formation was James’ creation.

Nobody else was capable of comprehending and cultivating it.

Henrik approached and shouted excitedly, “James! It’s good to see you again!” “Dad!!!” Jacopo and his siblings rushed over.

James said troubledly, “I already told you it’s me, but none of you believed me.

It’s King Marciais’ fault.

He insisted I hide my identity while traveling with him around the Endlos.” He blamed King Marciais for the series of events.

Not far away, a man with a few strands of gray hair mixed with his black hair quietly observed them.

It was none other than Wyot.

Wyot was shocked to find out the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Preist was James.

He was under the impression that James was deceased.

He never expected James to be alive and to have become so strong at that.

He had been hoping James to be alive so that he could fight him again.

After comprehending the Endlos Light and entering the Chaos Completare Rank, he was confident of beating James.

All this time, he felt regretful of losing a worthy opponent.

To his surprise, James was still alive.

However, he realized his current strength was still no match against James.

“Dad,” Hetsema rushed over to James with a bright smile and said, “You’re incredible! I didn’t know you were so powerful.

Even Taran was not your opponent.

From today onward, you’re the strongest in the Endlos!” Hetsema was ecstatic.

Nobody would dare to stand in his way or offend him with James as his father.

“You…” James looked at Hetsema and smiled helplessly, unsure what to say.

Hetsema was a complete accident.

He never expected to have impregnated Yemima and for her to decide to keep him.


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