The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5090

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5090-James’ Supernatural Powers integrated into the powerful and unpredictable formation.

Taran immediately realized he was in danger after being enveloped by the formation.

If he could not stop the formation, he would lose his life within it.

An immense pressure crushed down on him, causing injuries all over his body.

Even his soul showed signs of being obliterated.

Taran did not dare to waste any time.

He quickly urged all his strength to stop the formation’s operation and break free.

However, James had integrated all of his Supernatural Powers into the formation.

It was currently in full force.

In addition, the two figures within the formation were also hindering him.

Despite being at the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank, Taran could not escape the formation’s constraints.

Taran used his powerful Curse Magic to protect himself, but his body was constantly injured.

The living beings watched from the city wall in awe of James’ formation.

They were surprised that even a powerhouse like Taran could not resist.

Taran struggled under the powerful pressure of the formation.

Suddenly, he burned his own Blood Essence and soul to gain power transcending his cultivation rank.

His aura instantly skyrocketed and reached the Sovereign Rank.

After gaining the power of the Sovereign Rank, he shattered the formation into pieces, and the two figures also disintegrated into inscriptions.

Taran promptly stopped burning his Blood Essence and soul after escaping the formation.

He was disheveled and covered in blood.

His face had aged significantly and was covered with wrinkles.

His long black hair had also turned white.

It was evident he had paid an enormous price in the battle.

“You win, James.” Taran’s wrinkled face filled with helplessness and sorrow.

He had thought himself to be the best of the current era.

Even if Emperor Raiah was still alive, he was sure he was stronger.

His confidence came from the fact that Emperor Raiah defeated him before he had mastered Curse Magic and acquired Corrupted Power.

He never expected to be defeated by a junior countless years after Emperor Raiah had left the Endlos.

He might have been wiped out if he had not burned his Blood Essence and soul to break the formation.

Although reluctant, Taran surrendered.

He admitted that James was indeed an exceptional cultivator.

Despite being at a lower cultivation rank, James managed to defeat him.

Taran had no choice but to concede his defeat.

James smiled at his words.

His shattered formation quickly reformed, and the two figures also regenerated.

Then, they disappeared into thin air.

James retracted his aura, clasped his fists, and said, “You went easy on me.

If you continued to attack, I would not have won.” Taran replied helplessly, “It was just a battle of skills, not a life-or -death battle.

I might have won if we continued to fight.

However, I would have to pay an even higher price, or even my life, to win.

Regardless, you would still be the last one standing if you were to burn your Blood Essence and soul.” Taran was a practical person.

He would have never burned his Blood Essence and soul if it were not to survive.

The spectators watching were surprised by the battle’s outcome.

“?’m aman of my word.

From now onward, I will obey your orders.

But I’m injured from the battle, so I must recuperate.”


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