The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5089

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5089-James grinned and said, “You want me to admit defeat? Do you think you’ve already won? That might not necessarily be the outcome.” “Do you have more surprises?” Taran smiled faintly and said, “ Even though you can use Supernatural Powers to enhance your strength, your cultivation rank is still too weak.” James smiled lightly in response.

At that moment, a mysterious and bizarre formation appeared.

It was circular, like a wheel, and composed of inscriptions.

A figure sat in a lotus position directly above the formation and another below it.

The figures that looked similar to James seemed spectral, but they also seemed realistic.

“It’s really him,” Wynton exclaimed, “I’m sure that’s James.

I was present when he created this formation.” Waleria also shouted, “It’s James’ formation.

But why is there an extra figure below it? Has he improved the formation to a higher level?” “What is this?” Taran frowned upon seeing the formation.

Truth be told, even James was not sure what the formation was.

He created it by a complete coincidence.

The figure above the formation materialized from his Dark Path, whereas the figure below appeared after he comprehended the Endlos Light.

“You can take it that one of them is my past form, and the other is my future form.” James smiled and shared King Marciais’ speculation.

“The battle will officially begin right now.” After James finished speaking, the figure above the formation began to move.

It suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Taran.

The figure suddenly took on James’ appearance.

Taran shuddered after meeting the terrifying sight within its eyes.

At that moment, Taran’s mind went blank.

He was struck, and his black armor was shattered instantly.

The excruciating pain brought him back to reality.

He immediately launched a counterattack and sealed the figure.

He unleashed a potent Curse Power and transformed it into Curse Swords.

Thousands of Curse Swords emerged and pierced through the figure.

The figure instantly disintegrated and disappeared.

The next moment, it had already returned to the formation.

Immediately afterward, the figure below the formation charged toward Taran.

The figure above the formation also sprung into action again.

At that same time, James also took action.

Taran was being attacked from three directions.

However, he was terrifyingly strong.

He faced the three opponents very calmly.

Curse Power flowed through his body.

No matter how magical James’ formation was, it could not cause him instant injuries.

Boom!!! The surrounding area kept falling apart.

Everyone watching from the city wall was aghast by the sight.

Nobody expected James to be able to resist Taran’s terrifying strength and Supernatural Power.

James’ figures kept flickering through the air, attacking Taran.

Taran summoned all his strength to parry the attacks.

However, the formation had silently closed in on him.

Taran was careless and got trapped within the formation.

James knew it was his best chance to defeat Taran.

With Taran’s strength, the formation would not hold him back for long.

Now was the time to defeat Taran.

James immediately urged all his strength.

The formation immediately unleashed the Supernatural Powers that James had cultivated, including the Ten Path Techniques, Thunderous Tribulations, Dobro Eyes, Sword World, Blossoming, and

Universal Sword Art.


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