The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5088

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5088-The black mist gathered to form a massive illusory palm and came crashing down like a mountain.

The colossal palm seemed to be made up of black mist.

However, with a closer observation, they were composed of countless inscriptions.

James sensed numerous powers within the palm.

His surrounding space was sealed, and he was trapped in one spot, unable to move an inch of muscle.

The passage of time around him was also stopped.

His body began showing many adverse reactions.

He felt a headache, his chest tightening, and he found it hard to breathe.

Injuries were constantly forming despite having a body made from the Koloretsua Stone.

Soon, he was soaked in blood.

Taran’s Curse Magic was causing him to age rapidly.

His vitality was waning, his aura was weakening, and his strength was seeping away.

Before James could react, a huge palm fell and struck his body.

The palm instantly enveloped James.

“No way.” Nobody expected James, who had a stronger aura, to suddenly fall into a disadvantage.

Faced with Taran’s attack, James seemed powerless.

“Is he dead?” “I think so.

Taran’s power is incredibly evil and corrupted.

No matter how strong James is, he must’ve been obliterated instantly.” Many powerhouses began to discuss.

Most of them felt that James did not survive Taran’s attack.

At that moment, Taran was too powerful.

His strength had already surpassed their knowledge and seemed to have transcended into the Sovereign Rank.

Boom!!! Endless explosions occurred throughout the battlefield.

After a long time, the huge palm disappeared, and the battlefield was riddled with countless black holes.

Everyone held their breath and observed the battlefield.

Under everyone’s gaze, James walked out of the black hole with messy hair and blood all over his body.

The halo around his body had dimmed.

His arm was limp and seemed like it would fall off at any moment.

James looked to be in a terrible state.

However, he quickly recovered after activating his powers.

“James.” Taran’s voice resounded throughout the area.

“It’s unnecessary to continue this battle.

I’ve already entered the Consummation Completare Rank.

You are one cultivation rank lower than me.

To be precise, it’s two ranks.

“You’ve only entered the Chaos Essencia Rank, and I’m at the Consummation Completare Rank.

“It’s already impressive that you’ve been able to force me to this point.

“Tf you were at the same rank as me, I’m sure I wouldn’t bea match for you.” After fighting an extended battle, Taran praised James.

James took a deep breath and put away the Demonic Compass, Boundless Pagoda, and the Chaos Sword.

He knew they were no longer useful against Taran.


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