The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5087

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5087-King Marciais leaped up joyfully when he witnessed James enter his strongest state.

He exclaimed, “Let’s go, James! This is getting interesting! James had cultivated the Martial Path’s Heart Power.

With his current state, even I won’t stand a chance against him.

Taran must’ve already realized the gap between their strength.

I wonder if he will admit defeat or insist on taking James on ina battle.” King Marciais was looking forward to watching the battle unfold.

The powerhouses of the Orstellen Sect were also paying attention to the fight.

A disciple of the Orstellen Sect asked, “Sir Cray, do you think James can reach the level of Lady Tehila?” Cray looked at James in the Orstellen Realm thoughtfully.

Then, he replied, “James’ current strength isn’t inferior to Xeraiah.

After Xeraiah left the Te’oma Village, he had been training outside for very long.

When he had fought with the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander, he had reached the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank.

When James reaches the Marciais Path’s Fifteenth Rank and the Chaos Completare Rank, his strength will be equivalent to when Xeraiah was at the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank.” After a brief pause, Cray continued, saying, “It’s been a long time since Xeraiah left the Endlos.

Nobody knows whether he had reached the Sovereign Rank.

On the other hand, Lady Tehila left when she had already reached the Sovereign Rank.

I can’t say whether James has surpassed Lady Tehila, but I’m sure he can surpass Xeraiah.” Cray assessed James’ strength and concluded his current strength was close to that of Xeraiah.

On the battlefield, Taran donned a magical black armor made from inscriptions of heaven and earth.

He had used the strongest form of Curse Magic and the most profound Curse Inscriptions.

The defensive power of his armor was terrifying.

Even King Marciais would have to use all his strength to shatter the armor.

Taran floated in the void with a solemn expression.

Meanwhile, James had a relatively relaxed composure.

The Boundless Pagoda floated before him, and above him was the Demonic Compass that emitted a corrupted aura capable of affecting the black mist within the Dark World.

He also held the Chaos Sword in his hand.

“Go,” James commanded the Demonic Compass to strike Taran again.

However, Taran stood motionlessly in the area.

Just when the Demonic Compass was about to hit him, he flicked his finger.

An inscription emerged from his fingertip and rapidly transformed into a wall to block the Demonic Compass’ attack.

Unfortunately, Taran had underestimated James and the Demonic Compass’ strength.

His protective wall was shattered instantly.

Taran immediately teleported away from the area and appeared behind James.

He waved his hand, unleashing countless inscriptions again.

At the same time, he chanted a few words.

At that moment, the living beings in the Orstellen Realm were controlled by a mysterious force.

Every living being had two sides to them— good and evil.

However, most living beings would conceal their evil side.

At that moment, the evil in their hearts was summoned by Taran.

The evil force transformed into a mysterious power and was absorbed by Taran.

This was the most potent form of Curse Magic, which Taran called Corrupted Power.

Corrupted Power could not be cultivated.

Instead, it existed within every living being.

The countless black auras gathered from the distance and enveloped him.

Even though he was surrounded by Corrupted Power, his mental fortitude did not falter, nor was his mind corrupted by it.

At that moment, Taran’s aura skyrocketed and surpassed James.

He raised his hand and thrust forward.

With his attack, countless black mists swept forward and gathered to form a massive misty palm, charging at James with terrifying power.


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