The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5102

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5102-James was startled to learn the reincarnation of Extraterrestrial Demons was lurking around him.

He asked puzzledly, “Who is it?” “TI don’t know.

I couldn’t see their faces,” Zella replied as she walked out of the hall.

James began thinking about the people around him.

However, he could not figure out who might be an Extraterrestrial Demon’s reincarnation.

After failing to notice any clues, he gave up thinking about it since he had much more important matters at hand.

He sat in the highest seat of the hall, lost in thought.

The universe they occupied was their last fortress.

It would be where the final battle against the Extraterrestrial Demons would take place.

He had to prepare for the worst, including his party’s spiritual bodies being wiped out and the death of primitive living beings.

James thought for a while and decided to set up a powerful formation around the universe.

The formation he had created was ever-changing and could accommodate everything.

After James came to a decision, he sprung into action.

He disappeared from the hall and appeared at the universe’s border.

Then, he summoned a few mysterious inscriptions with the wave of a hand and submerged them into the void.

Time passed day by day.

All the living beings within the district were aware the formation had been breached and had begun fighting against the Extraterrestrial Demons.

Meanwhile, the human powerhouses quickly traveled to the different universes to persuade the powerful primitive living beings to join forces with them.

Soon, these powerful primitive living beings evacuated to the central universe.

As a result, their respective universes were quickly invaded.

Meanwhile, the Alliance Army had also occupied a universe.

However, the Extraterrestrial Demons bypassed the universe and left them unharmed.

In the Alliance Army’s headquarters, many powerhouses had gathered.

‘James and his army have evacuated to a core universe.

The Extraterrestrial Demons are gradually conquering the universes within the district.

Judging by the current progress, the core universe they have occupied will be surrounded in ten thousand years.” Zaden smiled, satisfied with the report.

A powerhouse asked, “But how do we fight the Extraterrestrial Demons after they destroy the humans?” “The number of monsters is insane.

Moreover, they are just sacrificial lambs.

We’ll take a while just to wipe them out.

So how will we kill the mastermind?” Many of the powerhouses raised their concerns.

Zaden looked at Xezal, who was sitting aside thoughtfully, and asked, “Do you have a plan, Xezal?” Xezal snapped out of her thoughts and asked, “What did you say?” Zaden repeated, “Do you have a plan to get rid of the Extraterrestrial Demons after they take care of James and the other humans?” Xezal thought for a while and replied, “Probably.” “what is it?” “Cut to the chase.” The powerhouses were anxious.

However, Xezal did not reveal anything.

Her so-called plan was to reveal to the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Leader, Larix, that they were within a projection and that his Extraterrestrial Army had been defeated long ago.


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