The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5103

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5103-With Larix’s strength, he should be able to verify the truth after being told they were within an illusion.

When it was the right time, she could use the identity of his reincarnation to threaten him to withdraw his troops.

They would be able to eliminate the Extraterrestrial Demons without any effort.

However, the premise was that Larix must successfully destroy James’ spiritual body.

Her plan would fall through if Larix lost.

Xezal said, “For now, we’ll things to the Extraterrestrial Demons.

We can patiently watch them fight.” Zaden trusted Xezal.

He said smilingly, “Don’t be worried, everyone.

We should just sit back and watch the show.” Meanwhile, countless living beings were still evacuating to the core universe.

The universe’s strength was improving steadily, and each planet was preparing for war.

Many powerhouses headed toward the universe’s border and waited for the final battle.

Concurrently, James had been setting up formations.

Even though he was powerful, it was still difficult for him to set up a formation around the entire universe.

Despite casting a time formation, it took James about tens of thousands of years to set up a potent formation.

Even Taran would not be able to survive if he were to be trapped within the formation.

Many powerhouses gathered in a spiritual mountain in the central region of the core universe.

The monsters were approaching the universe’s border, but James had not shown up.

Everyone was waiting for their greatest backbone, James, to appear.

Swoosh! Aray of light fell into the main hall and transformed into a figure.

Thea immediately stood up and said, “You’ve finally come, James! The monster army has already appeared near the border.

They will be ready to attack in about three months.” James replied, “We’ll be on defense.

Dispatch powerhouses around the universe’s borders.

Kill all the monsters that attack the universe.

The remaining powerhouses will search for the breeding area of the monsters and halt their production.

We’ll force the Extraterrestrial Demons’ main forces to appear so that we can fight them.” Thea responded, “We’ve already made preparations long ago.” James nodded and said, “Then, let’s wait for the monsters to attack.

By the way, where is Taran? Has he not returned yet?” “I’m over here.” A voice came from outside the hall, and a middle- aged man wearing a black robe appeared.

After Taran’s battle with James, he was severely injured.

He had not completely recovered and only temporarily suppressed his wounds.

Since the situation was critical, he had to leave seclusion immediately.

James was relieved to see Taran.

He immediately began issuing orders, “Thea, you lead an army and be on guard at the universe’s south border.” “Alright.” Thea nodded.

James turned to Wyot and instructed, “You guard the east with an army as well, Wyot.” Wyot replied, “Sure.

Unless my spiritual body is destroyed, I’ll ensure no Extraterrestrial Demon gets past me.” “Sir Taran, I need you to take charge of an army and protect the north border.” Taran smiled faintly and said, “I don’t need an army.

I can guard the north alone.

You should deploy the troops elsewhere.” “Alright.” James nodded.

James had confidence in Taran’s strength.

He could take on tens of thousands of the monsters by himself.

Unless the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander showed up, he should be able to protect the north border.

He turned to Henrik and instructed, “Henrik, you lead our powerhouses to guard the west border.” James gave out a series of orders.

Afterward, he planned to recuperate and prepare to face the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander.


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