The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5104

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5104-After preparations were completed, they waited for the Extraterrestrial Demons to close in on the universe’s border.

Soon, a wave of monsters appeared outside the universe’s border.

The monsters with no intelligence began their attacks on the core universe.

However, the borders were guarded by massive armies led by powerhouses.

Even without the help of James’ formation, the powerhouses could keep the monsters away from the universe.

Moreover, the powerhouses were aware of the monster’s weakness and that they were bred by Mothers.

They rushed into the black holes in the distance and killed the Mothers responsible for producing the monsters.

The battle lasted a very long time.

Even though James’ side was strong, it was inevitable for some powerhouses to be injured during the extensive battle.

Unfortunately, a few had their spiritual bodies destroyed and disappeared from the Orstellen Realm.

Primitive living beings were also killed during the battle.

The monster army’s attack grew more aggressive and eventually breached the universe.

The troops led by powerhouses were forced to retreat from planet to planet.

Soon, they had nowhere else to flee.

Taran, Thea, Wyot, Henrik, Yardos, and the other powerhouses participated in the battles.

They quickly wiped out large numbers of monsters to force the Extraterrestrial Demons’ main forces to show up.

The number of monsters decreased significantly after all of the Mothers were destroyed.

Shortly after, the real Extraterrestrial Army appeared.

They had significant numbers and were incredibly powerful.

The second round of battle began.

James’ side suffered constant casualties.

With more and more powerhouses dying in battle, his troops were forced to retreat.

Despite the battle’s situation, James did not take action.

He knew it was useless to kill the Extraterrestrial Army.

He was waiting for his troops to gradually retreat to his position.

With Taran, Thea, Wyot, and the other powerhouses’ strength, he believed the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander would appear.

When that happens, it would be his showtime.

Meanwhile, a black palace hovered in space outside of the universe.

A man in a black robe sat in the highest seat of the palace hall.

He observed the battle in the distance and noticed Thea, Taran, Wyot, and the other powerhouses’ overpowering strength.

Larix shouted, “Are you there, Saxan?” Swoosh! A shadowy mist fell to the ground and formed into a man.

He replied respectfully, “I’m here.” Larix ordered, “Get rid of Taran.” “Yes, sir.” After receiving the order, Saxan quickly entered the battlefield and looked for Taran.

Larix had gained intel about James’ party after joining forces with Xezal.

Therefore, he knew of the powerhouses on James’ party.

He was unsure of why James had not shown up.

However, he felt eliminating James’ powerful allies would definitely force him into the battlefield.

Saxan entered the battlefield.

He was powerful, but not a match against Taran.

Even though Taran had not completely recovered, he was much stronger than Saxan.

Taran successfully killed Saxan, but it was not without consequences.

His internal injuries had relapsed, and his condition was not optimistic.

“Deceptive King, I need you to kill Taran.” Larix did not mourn Saxan’s death.

Instead, he immediately sent another subordinate to kill Taran.

“Demon Qeisan, get rid of Wyot.” “Ten Great Protectors, eliminate Thea.”


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