The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5105

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5105-Larix kept sending terrifying powerhouses to the battlefield.

Taran, Thea, Wyot, Henrik, Yardos, and the other powerhouses were caught up in intense battles.

Meanwhile, the Extraterrestrial Demons seized the opportunity to advance toward the universe’s core region.

The planets that had prepared for battle succumbed one after another, and the soldiers stationed to protect them were slaughtered.

Even though the battle was not looking optimistic for them, James still did not partake in it.

He knew that if Thea and the others died in battle, only their spiritual bodies would be destroyed.

He observed the battle and pondered why Lady Tehila created the Orstellen Realm.

The universe’s various planets collapsed.

Taran, who was already injured, exhausted a lot of his strength to kill the Deceptive King.

He noticed the black palace outside the universe and immediately realized the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander was hiding within it.

The trial would be over as long as the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander was killed.

He immediately left the battlefield and appeared outside of the black palace.

His body was battered and covered in blood, but his aura was potent.

Taran summoned a spear composed of Curse Inscriptions and pointed it at the black palace ahead of him.

His powerful black aura permeated the air as he shouted, “Get out here and face your death!” Larix calmly sat in the highest seat of the hall.

He had already sent most of his subordinates into battle.

At that moment, four powerhouses at the Chaos Completare Rank were the only ones left with him in the hall.

“Go get rid of him,” Larix ordered.

The four powerhouses immediately departed and appeared outside the palace.

Taran fought fiercely against the four powerhouses with his spear.

The void around them was shattered, destroying countless planets.

The universe was gradually crumbling apart.

The powerhouses of the Alliance Army were startled by the battle.

However, Larix remained unbothered by the situation.

Taran was constantly injured, but he managed to kill the four powerhouses with his potent Curse Magic.

Despite that, he had exhausted all his strength.

After killing the four powerhouses, Taran could no longer sustain his spiritual body, and he vanished from the Orstellen Realm.

Taran’s main body suffered a backlash after his spiritual body was destroyed.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

He sat up and began to treat his injuries without wasting any time.

After Taran’s spiritual body was destroyed, the strength of James’ party decreased significantly.

As a result, the other powerhouses struggled to hold back the enemies.

Yardos’ spiritual body perished shortly after.

On the other hand, Henrik cast the Grand Purge Formation to take down a bunch of Extraterrestrial Demons before his spiritual body was ultimately destroyed.

Thea, Wyot, and a few other powerhouses were left to repel the Extraterrestrial Army.

However, their elites were taken out one by one, and they could no longer hold back the Extraterrestrial Army.

Ultimately, they were forced to return to the planet James’ was on.

Unfortunately, they could no longer sustain their spiritual bodies and perished in battle.

All the Human Race’s strongest cultivators and the Orstellen Realm’s primitive living beings were wiped out.

Zaden’s Alliance Army was ecstatic by the battle’s outcome.

“Haha! The Human Race’s powerhouses have been eliminated! James is the only one left.

Many of the Extraterrestrial Demons’ powerhouses have also perished.

The Grand Commander is the only one that hasn’t joined the fight.

We’ll be the final victors after both James and the Grand Commander’s fight!” Zaden laughed with joy.

Xezal also smiled, satisfied with the outcome.

The humans’ powerhouses had been eliminated.

Next, the battle between James and Larix would take place.

Regardless of the results, both of them would have been severely injured.

Therefore, it would be easy to deal with the winner.


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