The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5106

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5106-Larix was satisfied with the progress.

To him, his subordinates were disposable resources.

He even considered himself a mere pawn that could be sacrificed when needed.

All that was left to do was to kill James and take complete control of the district.

They would be halfway to their main goal if he could conquer the district.

The Alliance Army was also satisfied with the battle’s outcome.

Apart from James, the other parties involved were overjoyed.

Contrary to his prediction, the Extraterrestrial Demon refrained from showing up even after his party had suffered such a great loss.

Moreover, the Alliance Army was another big problem.

After he killed the Extraterrestrial Demon, he might also have to deal with them.

James could only hope the Orstellen Realm’s trial would end after he eliminated the Extraterrestrial Demon.

James sat on the highest point of the spiritual mountain and dispersed the formation around his body.

He was the last survivor in the universe.

The black palace outside the universe floated over and arrived outside the planet almost instantly.

James slowly stood up.

Larix, who was inside the black palace’s hall, also stood up.

He frowned after recalling Xezal’s reminder.

Despite his reluctance, he changed his appearance and became an unattractive middle- aged man who would not attract attention.

The palace was surrounded by Extraterrestrial Demons.

After Larix changed his appearance, he walked out of the black palace.

James immediately noticed Larix.

Larix’s aura was potent and definitely not inferior to Taran’s.

The two of them stared at each other.

Before the battle even began, the surrounding void started to collapse.

James appeared in the air with a flash.

Immediately afterward, the planet below him instantly disintegrated into pieces.

He looked at the black palace ahead of him and muttered, “Be gone.” James’

simple words contained destructive power.

The black palace instantly crumbled, and the Extraterrestrial Demons around it were obliterated.

Larix was the only one left hovering in the void.

Although James’ Curse Magic was powerful, it could not harm Larix.

Larix said calmly, “You finally showed up, James.” James looked at the unattractive-looking man and asked, “So you’re the Extraterrestrial Demons’

Great Commander? What is your name?” Larix replied with a smile, “It’s Larix Mavfta.

I didn’t expect so many powerhouses to be within this district.

I’ve suffered hefty losses to wipe them out.” “your goal for infiltrating the Endlos is the Herstellen Art, right? What’s the secret contained within the Herstellen

Art?” asked James.

“Ha,” Larix chuckled and said, “It won’t be a big deal to tell you.

Our Lord was injured while fighting to conquer another plane.

He happened to see the birth of the Endlos Plane.

The Endlos Light appeared when the Endlos Plane was forming, and it contained the method for him to fully recover.” “Another plane?” James frowned.

Larix said lightly, “You’ve never left the Endlos, so you’re clueless about how vast the world is outside of it.

The Endlos is just a small plane among the countless planes.

It’s nothing compared to bigger planes.

Our Lord never expected it to be so hard to conquer such a small plane.

He had sent countless powerhouses.

However, he still failed to take over the Endlos Plane and obtain the Herstellen Art to treat his body.” James immediately had a clearer understanding of the


He also learned about the planes that existed outside of the Endlos.

He quickly entered the Marciais Path’s Fourteenth Rank and cast the Defying Heavens Art.

At the same time, he urged all his powers.

His aura skyrocketed and reached its strongest state.

James beckoned Larix and said, “Make your move.” “Since you’re so eager to die, Ill fulfill your wish.” Larix smiled faintly, then summoned a black knife that

emitted a black radiance.

The Demonic Knife had the power to captivate one’s heart.


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