The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5107

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5107-Just glancing at the Demonic Knife was enough to make one hallucinate

Larix appeared in front of James instantly with the Demonic Knife.

Before James could even react, the Demonic Knife was already plunging at him.

At the last second, James disappeared.

The Demonic Knife slashed at his afterimage.

James reappeared behind Larix and used the Demonic Compass to attack.

Boom!!! The Demonic Compass shattered the surrounding void.

However, Larix reacted quickly and avoided being struck by James ’ sneak attack.

James immediately launched another attack.

He summoned the Chaos Sword and cast the Universal Sword Art.

The power of heaven and earth merged into a terrifying Sword Energy.

The Sword Energy instantly permeated the air.

Larix quickly used the Demonic Knife to parry the Sword Energy.

Boom!!! The Sword Energy and his Demonic Knife clashed.

The void exploded, and countless black holes formed around the area.

Two figures flickered through the void riddled with black holes and fought.

Whenever they had a confrontation, their powerful forces would cause an explosion.

James’ Blood Energy churned from the shock waves.

When James fought against Taran, he had to use his mysterious formation to gain the upper hand.

Larix was stronger than Taran, so James was disadvantaged against Larix.

James quickly activated the formation he had set up around the universe.

He had already integrated his Supernatural Powers into it.

The formation enveloped the universe and shrank, trapping Larix within it.

He had been watching James battle against Taran.

Therefore, he was aware of the formation’s terrifying strength.

He used all his strength, repeatedly attempting to break free with his Demonic Knife.

However, he had underestimated the formation.

Despite using all his power, he could not break free.

At that moment, he was being crushed by a potent pressure.

The formation was constantly transforming, and countless Supernatural Powers had been unleashed against him.

Larix’s body was injured, and his soul was damaged.

A trace of fear budded in his heart.

‘His formation is terrifyingly strong.’ Larix was surprised.

His death would be inevitable if he could not escape from the formation.

He quickly burned his Blood Essence and soul, obtaining great strength.

Larix roared, “Break!!!” Then, he used all his strength to shatter James’


Although the formation was broken, James had a smile on his face.

Larix had paid a heavy price to break the formation, whereas he had not consumed any strength yet.

James was confident in winning the battle.

He knew he would survive even though a tough fight awaited him.


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