The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5108

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5108-Even though Larix had destroyed James’ formation, he had suffered a heavy loss.

Every inch of his body was covered in wounds.

His flesh had been sliced open, and his bones were exposed.

Mysterious inscriptions that belonged to some kind of Supernatural Power he had cultivated flowed through his bones.

At that moment, his face was grim and terrifying.

Larix said coldly, “Damn it.

I won’t forgive you for hurting me.” His aura suddenly improved and reached the Sovereign Rank.

James knew he was no match against Larix.

He could only drag out the battle and avoid a direct confrontation so that Larix would keep burning his Blood Essence and soul.

“Ha,” James snickered and said provocatively, “What can you do?” “Fucker!

Die!” Larix’s aura was potent.

He launched an attack containing destructive power.

However, James avoided the attack with Blithe Omniscience and quickly left the universe.

As soon as he appeared in a different universe, a terrifying power shot in his direction.

Countless Sword Lights gathered and formed into a powerful Knife Formation.

Even though James was at his strongest, he would be injured if trapped within the formation.

He quickly mobilized his strength, tore a gap in the void, and escaped.

Larix launched powerful attacks.

However, James refrained from fighting him head-on.

James kept fleeing, whereas Larix chased after him.

Larix’s energy was exhausted in vain.

“Damn it!” “You bastard!” Larix’s resentful growls resounded in the Orstellen Realm.

His current state was terrifyingly strong, and he cculd kill James.

However, he was unable to do anything since James kept running away.

He stopped the burning of his Blood Essence and soul.

As a result, his strength returned to being weaker than James.

On top of that, he was already injured.

James seized the chance and began to launch attacks against Larix.

Larix sustained consecutive injuries.

He burned his Blood Essence and soul once again to overpower James.

However, James immediately fled.

Larix growled furiously, “ARGH!!!” At that point in the battle, Larix knew it was impossible to win with James constantly running from him.

He thought of retreating from the battle and joining forces with the other commanders to infiltrate the district together.

Just when he began escaping, James started to attack.

He unleashed his formation, and the two figures besieged Larix.

Larix was trapped in the formation again and suffered severe injuries.

With his own strength, he could not break the formation.

He had no choice but to burn his Blood Essence and soul to escape.

However, James fled when he ignited his Blood Essence and soul.

With the Blithe Omniscience, he could move around without any constraints.

Despite gaining great strength, Larix could not trap or catch up and injure him.

James, on the other hand, was relatively relaxed.


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