The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5109

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5109-James had nothing to worry about since the Orstellen Realm’s primitive living beings had already died in battle.

Moreover, they were within a secret realm.

The powerhouses outside the Orstellen Realm laughed as they watched the battle unfold.

“James will be the winner.” “The Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander looks so frustrated.” “Yeah.

He has all the strength he needs, but James isn’t giving him a chance.

If he continues exhausting his energy, James is definitely going to win.” The powerhouses happily commented on the battle.

However, the powerhouses of the Alliance Army had grim expressions.

It was an outcome they wanted to prevent so badly.

Their goal was to have James and Larix engage in a fierce battle so they would both suffer losses.

Even if James were to win, they were confident in killing him after he had consumed most of his strength.

Meanwhile, Larix had escaped to the Dark World.

However, James was not worried and calmly chased after him with the Bllithe Omniscience.

Boom! The Boundless Pagoda appeared and smashed into the area.

The surroundings were instantly destroyed, and a shadow emerged from the area and gradually transformed into Larix.

Larix immediately launched another attack, but James avoided again.

Thirty thousand years passed in the blink of an eye.

Larix had been constantly burning his Blood Essence and soul in the past years.

Each time, he would exhaust a bit of his power.

However, he was almost completely drained as their fight lasted thirty thousand years.

He was already at his limit and no longer had the strength to fight.

Larix was in despair.

He gave up and sat down on a rock.

Swoosh! James appeared in front of him.

Larix’s hair was scattered messily.

He looked at James dejectedly and said indifferently, “Just kill me already.

I can’t help but accept my defeat to you.” After a thirty thousand -year battle,

Larix’s arrogance was long gone.

James did not immediately kill Larix since he was curious to learn more about the planes that Larix had mentioned.

“What were the planes you were talking about? If you tell me the truth, I’ll spare your life.” Larix looked at James, took a deep breath, and said, “A planeis like a


For example, the Endlos is considered a plane.

“There’s also the Central Plane.

Countless small planes will be born surrounding the Central Plane.

However, a few of them will be destroyed as soon as they are born.

Some planes will go unnoticed for a very long time after they are born.

Within these planes, a few powerhouses will come into existence.

When they reach a certain level of cultivation, they will enter the Central Plane.”

Curious, James asked, “Which plane are you from, and who is the lord you speak of?” Larix replied, “I’m from the Central Plane.

I serve one of the Central Plane’s strongest.

He has countless powerhouses under him.

He has conquered many planes for resources.

“Long ago, he headed out to conquer a powerful plane.

However, he was injured by the lord of that plane.

He was injured heavily and couldn’t recover.

He learned about the Endlos Plane and the Herstellen Art hidden with the Endlos Lights, which can heal his wounds.

It’s the reason why he insists on conquering the Endlos Plane.” James took a deep breath after learning the truth about the worlds beyond the Endlos.

“Is the Endlos Plane considered strong compared to the other planes?” asked James.

Larix shook his head lightly and said, “Not really.

It’s below average.

Otherwise, my master would’ve personally come to conquer the Endlos Plane.”

James asked again, “Are you strong in the Central Plane?” Larix replied,

“Although I’m considered powerful, I’m not worthy of a title in the Central Plane.

I’m just a worthless servant to my master.” James had a solemn expression.

He never expected the leader of the Extraterrestrial Demons to be so powerful.

It seemed even Lady Tehila was no match against him.

The real mastermind did not even bother to personally seize the Endlos Plane and only sent his subordinates.


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