The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5113

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5113-Looking at the holy site engulfed by the formation, James said, “

This place is special.

It’s the central region of Endlos and the birthplace of the Endlos Light.

Back then, the Grand Priestess of the Orstellen Sect, Lady Tehila, cultivated here and created the Orstellen Art.

“Emperor Raiah also cultivated and comprehended paths here.

After that, he created the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the Supernatural Signature Skills.” Upon hearing that, Thea and Wyot were excited.

James took a few steps forward.

Mysterious sigils emerged from his hands and entered the formation.

An illusionary gate appeared at the Formation Boundary.

James walked toward the gate with Thea and Wyot following behind him.

After passing through the gate, they entered the holy site.

When they entered the holy site, the scenery before them changed.

Three mountains appeared ahead of them.

The mountains seemed magical.

The structure of the mountains was not made up of normal rocks but inscriptions, lines, and veins.

In the mountains were many plants and trees.

The plants and trees were not regular plants and trees.

They were the crystalization of the paths.

Upon witnessing the scene, James, Thea, and Wyot were stunned.

There was no doubt this was the cultivation sanctuary of the Orstellen Sect.

If one could comprehend any inscriptions in the mountains, it would be a great fortune.

James, Thea, and Wyot exchanged glances.

Then, all of them flew toward a mountain each.

Each of them appeared in different mountains.

Thea summoned the Endlos Light first.

When the Endlos Light appeared, the mountain below her groaned.

At this moment, the mountain below her shone brightly.

The inscriptions, lines, and veins seemed to have come to life.

They rotated quickly.

Wyot also summoned his Endlos Light.

When the Endlos Light appeared, the mountain below him reacted.

On the other hand, James’ soul had already become one with the Endlos Light and merged into his body.

Sitting on the mountain peak, he looked at the two beams of Endlos Light.

In his soul, several inscriptions appeared.

The inscriptions came out of his body and formed a halo above his head.

Then, the three beams of the Endlos Light appeared once again.

The three beams of the Endlos Light appeared in the sky above the three mountains.

The three beams of the Endlos Light gleamed and exuded the power of heaven and earth.

At this time, Thea and Wyot sensed the supreme secret hidden in the Endlos Light.

Without hesitation, they meditated in seclusion.

They began to comprehend and study the Endlos Light.

However, James did not start instantly.

His body was made out of the Koloretsua Stones.

The Koloretsua Stones were created by Lady Tehila.

The first time the Extraterrestrial Demons invaded Endlos and broke the plane of Endlos, Lady Tehila came to this holy site of the Orstellen Sect.

She gathered the essence and supreme inscriptions of the place to create the Koloretsua Stones.

The stones were used to restore Endlos.

The rest of the Koloretsua Stones were left near the Orstellen Sect.

They started to absorb the essence of the place and were about to birth new lives.

However, just as the Koloretsua Stones were about to birth new lives, James’

soul merged with the Koloretsua Stones.

His physical power was activated by Lady Tehila in the Orstellen Realm.

On the other hand, his soul birthed an entrapoch in the Endlos Light.

He was extremely strong.

Now, only his bloodline was weak.

He planned to cultivate and improve his bloodline.

He needed to enter the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path.

If possible, he wanted to enter the Sixteenth Rank of the Marciais Path.

He also needed to increase his cultivation rank.

He wanted to reach the Chaos Completare Rank.

After that, he would comprehend the paths and study the Endlos Light,

Herstellen Art, and Orstellen Art.


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