The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5114

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5114-James was cultivating the Blood Mantra to improve his bloodline power.

He wanted to uncover the deepest part of his bloodline power.

On the other hand, Thea cultivated silently.

The three beams of the Endlos Light were floating in the sky, rotating endlessly.

Thea combined the three beams of the Endlos Light and began to study the secret hiding in Endlos.

In her body, a powerful aura surged.

Mysterious inscriptions were rotating around her body.

Wyot was also studying the Endlos Light seriously.

Time could not be sensed in the area.

It seemed as if a moment had passed, but at the same time as if years had passed.

The auras of James, Thea, and Wyot increased unknowingly.

Not knowing how long had passed, Wyot was the first person to open his eyes.

Once he opened his eyes, a terrifying aura erupted from his body, birthing an extreme power.

“Immortality,” mumbled Wyot.

The Endlos Light and Herstellen Art were magical.

Every living being had a different comprehension of them.

After studying the Endlos Light for a long time, Wyot comprehended a powerful signature skill from the Endlos Light.

He named the signature skill “Immortality”.

Besides that, his cultivation base improved unknowingly.

He went from the early to late stage of the Chaos Completare Rank before entering the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank.

Standing up, he looked at Thea and James in the distance.

Thea and James were stil] cultivating, so Wyot did not disturb them.

His cultivation had ended.

Even if he continued to cultivate, he would not comprehend anything new.

Besides, his cultivation base had reached its peak.

The next breakthrough would be the Sovereign Rank.

It was extremely difficult to enter the Sovereign Rank.

He would have a challenging time despite being in the cultivation sanctuary of Endlos.

He did not stay in the area for long.

Instead, he chose to leave.

As for the Endlos Light, he already studied it and comprehended something from it.

He created the Supernatural Power, Immortality.

Thus, the Endlos Light was no longer useful to him.

He did not take the Endlos Light with him.

He left it there.

Once he was gone, only James and Thea were left in the area.

Thea cultivated for a long time, and her cultivation rank went from the early stage of the Chaos Completare Rank to the Consummation Chaos Completare


Even though her cultivation rank increased, she was still studying the paths.

Awhile after Wyot left, Thea opened her eyes and slowly stood up.

Mysterious inscriptions were rotating around her body.

A powerful aura emerged in her body.

“Nine Turns Spiritual Art,” muttered Thea.

This time, she gained a lot from meditating in seclusion and comprehending the paths.

From the mysterious Endlos Light, she created an uncanny secret Supernatural Art.

She named it “Nine Turns Spiritual Art”.

It was even stronger than the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art.

The Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art used the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra to activate the ten supreme powers in Endlos.

On the other hand, the Nine Turns Spiritual Art reversed one’s power nine times.

Each reversal would cause the power to become more powerful and terrifying.

After nine reversals, the power would greatly overwhelm the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art.

Thea’s cultivation ended here.

She chose to leave the area.

She also left the Endlos Light behind.

Now, James was the only one left.

James had not begun comprehending the paths.

All this time, he had been improving his bloodline power.

The area was rich in the energy of heaven and earth.

Moreover, he had the Blood Mantra, which improved his bloodline power.

Hence, he was able to make quick advancements.

Unknowingly, his bloodline power reached the same level as his body and soul.


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