The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5116

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5116-James’ physical body, bloodline, and soul entered the three mountains.

The Endlos Light was also assimilated into the mountains.

It meant his physical body, soul, and bloodline had entered the Endlos Light.

“Current form.”

A voice sounded from the area.

Following the sound, changes happened to the three mountains. Countless inscriptions and lines gathered, forming a body.

The body was James.

On the other hand, the formation continued to rotate.

When his current form was formed, James understood the inscriptions hidden in the Endlos Light. He comprehended the secret of Endlos. His formation was

successful. At once, countless changes happened.

Then, the formation was assimilated into his body.

His body was the formation.

The formation was him.

He understood what the shadow on the formation represented.

It was as King Marciais guessed.

One represented the past form, which was his previous body.

One was his future form, which was his future body.

At this moment, at the deepest part of his soul, a memory sealed for a long time emerged.

He remembered his past.

Outside Endlos, the Central Plane was huge. The plane was divided up by countless powerhouses. The powerhouse who attacked Endlos was one of them.

However, years ago, there was a peerless powerhouse in the plane. The powerhouse was known as Lord Supreme.

In the past, James was Lord Supreme.

Even though he was Lord Supreme, he was not invincible. Many powerhouses of the Central Plane worked together to siege him. Thus, only his spirit was left.

With his spirit, he escaped to countless planes, beginning the great escape.

In the end, he entered Endlos Plane and reincarnated.

At this time, James recovered a bit of his past life’s memory.

He did not understand his past form.

The formation appeared again.

His future form on the formation gradually materialized. It became a person who looked exactly like him. It was just that the person did not have a

consciousness. He was only a body that had power.

His past form was controlled by his current form.

Under the formation, his future body was still illusionary. It did not look real.

“Future?” James mumbled.

“What will happen in the future?”

James did not understand.

Nonetheless, he did not continue to ponder on this.

Then, the formation dispersed. In the meantime, he continued to sit in the area with his legs crossed.

He did not leave.

He continued to comprehend the paths.

There was a subtle connection between the past, present, and future.

He wanted to use this chance to study and comprehend.

“What’s the future?”

James was in deep thought.

He sat on the ground in a lotus position.

“There is no future.”

A while later, a voice sounded from the area.

“There is only the past and the present. There is no future.

“The so-called future was extrapolated by several Grand Supernaturals using tricks of the Heavenly Path.

“The future is filled with uncertainties. Anything can happen in the future.

“Every living being can create a future and change the future.”

James comprehended the paths silently.


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