The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5117

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5117-At this moment, James seemed to have understood.

He walked out of the space.

He seemed to have walked out of the space, but he was actually still sitting in the same place.

From the moment he walked out, he had already created a future.

It was just that the future only belonged to him. It was not the future of the thousands of living beings of Endlos.

He walked toward the future and began to cultivate.

His future form gradually materialized.

A formation appeared in the area.

The formation was ever-changing. It was unfathomable.

On the formation, a man sat on the ground with his legs crossed. The man had blood and flesh. He looked real.

Under the formation was also a shadow.

Slowly, the shadow materialized.

This scene seemed to have lasted for a long time, but at the same time, it seemed to have only lasted for a moment.

After a while, the formation disappeared. The figure on the formation also disappeared. The scenery changed once again.

The Endlos Light and the three mountains were already gone. The inscriptions were nowhere to be seen as well. What was left was a man in a black robe.

The man slowly got up.

‘The past, present, and future have merged. The formation is complete. What should this formation be called?” James stood up and mumbled.

Thinking for a while, he said softly, “Let’s call it the Tressencia Completare Art.

The Tressencia Completare of the Marciais Path and the Supernatural. It’s great.”

After scanning his surroundings, he marched forward and left the place.

Upon walking out of the holy site, he saw spiritual mountains and lands. Upon seeing that, James fell into a trance.

This time while meditating in seclusion, he recalled the past.

He learned a few things about the Central Plane. He remembered his past identity.

He was Lord Supreme of the Central Plane. He was a ruthless existence. He would do anything to achieve his aim. It could be said that he was evil.

After experiencing many things in Endlos, the Demonic Energy in his heart left.

‘This feels great.”

James spread his arms and embraced the world. He felt relaxed and happy.


A stunning lady walked over to James. She wore a black dress. Her figure was graceful. Her facial features were delicate. She wore a bright smile.

Looking at Thea, who was walking over, James spread his arms and hugged her.

He held Thea in his arms, inhaling a faint and enchanting scent. He could also feel Thea. At once, he smiled. “Let’s find a place to sleep. We’ll make another


Then, he walked away with Thea in his arms.

James was out of seclusion.

However, no one knew what his current cultivation rank was. No one knew if he had comprehended an invincible signature skill in the holy site.

James did not mention anything about it.

After coming out of seclusion, he took charge of the Orstellen Sect.

Now, Endlos was peaceful. As he had nothing to do, he stayed with Thea the whole day. He was trying to create his future generation.

He also drank wine with his friends.

“You’re finally here to see me.”

In the residence of King Marciais in the Orstellen Sect, King Marciais said unhappily, “Now that you’ve become the sect leader, you’ve forgotten about me.

Also, what signature skill did you comprehend in the holy site?”

Curiously, King Marciais looked at James.

“I can’t even sense your cultivation rank. What cultivation rank did you reach?”

James smiled faintly and responded, “My cultivation rank isn’t important. Just know that if the Extraterrestrial Demons ever reappear, I won’t give them the

luxury of returning to where they came from. Even if they don’t appear, I’ll still get rid of them. I just need some rest for now. Then, I’ll head to a larger Central

Plane and deal with several past grudges.”

“Past grudges?”

King Marciais glanced at James strangely.

“Have you recalled the memories of your past life?”

James’ birth had always been a mystery.

Many powerhouses of the Chaos District knew that James was the reincarnation of a big shot, but no one knew who the big shot was.

On the other hand, a few powerhouses of Endlos knew that James’ spirit entered the Chaos District when the other districts were attacking it. No one

knew the background of James’ spirit.


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