The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5119

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5119-She was the reincarnation of Livie.

In the past, when James was fighting against Mekaisto, Livie activated the elixir hidden in the deepest part of her soul to save James. She recovered her ability

and burned her Blood Essence and soul. She forcefully dragged Mekaisto with her to reincarnate.

After reincarnating, Livie had no memories of her past life. Thus, she lived as a normal person.

Although she did not have a cultivation base, she could not die.

‘The Great Elder has come to Endlos.”

Livie frowned.

In her previous life, James gave her her soul. She was James ’ daughter.

Before that, she was Jaomi, a Grand Priestess.

“It seems that teacher’s injuries can no longer be suppressed. Perhaps he got into trouble and is in a hurry to obtain the Herstellen Art hidden in the Endlos

Light and restore his strength,” mumbled Livie.

The Great Elder’s aura affected Livie’s soul.

She recovered memories from her past life. Following the awakening of her soul, her ability recovered.


At once, she disappeared.

After leaving the area, she began to inquire about the situation of Endlos. The information came easily to her. She learned that James was alive and had

become the sect leader of the Orstellen Sect.

Immediately, Livie headed to the Orstellen Sect.

At the entrance of the Orstellen Sect, a lady wearing a blue dress appeared.

She was immediately stopped at the entrance.

“Inform James that Livie wants to meet him,” said Livie politely.

Even though she was polite, her aura was evil. Hence, the disciples of the Orstellen Sect felt uncomfortable.

“Who is it?”

A lazy voice sounded.

Then, King Marciais walked out of the Entrance Formation. He glanced at Livie.

Upon sensing an unusual aura from Livie, he became wary. He stared at Livie.

“What an evil aura. You aren’t from Endlos. Are you an Extraterrestrial Demon?”

King Marciais stared at Livie, who was graceful.

Livie did not hide her aura and identity. Truthfully, she said,”

That’s right. I’m the Third Commander of the second invasion of Endlos. I’m Jaomi. I’m also James’ daughter, Livie.”

Upon hearing that, King Marciais understood.

“It’s you.”

He knew about Livie. He also knew that James only survived because of Livie.

Otherwise, James would have died in Mekaisto’s hands.

“Bring me to James,” said Livie.

“Stand down.”

King Marciais waved his hand.

The disciples guarding the entrance left instantly.

“Come with me.”

King Marciais brought Livie into the Orstellen Sect.

At the back mountain of the Orstellen Sect was a manor.

In the manor was a chessboard. James was playing chess with the Ancestral Blood Master.

King Marciais smiled and said, “James, your daughter is here to see you.”

James stood up and turned around. Upon seeing Livie, he was taken aback.

Happily, he said, “Livie, it’s you.”

“Dad,” called Livie. Then, she said sternly, “I sensed the Great Elder’s aura. The Great Elder has appeared in Endlos.

Soon, the so-called Extraterrestrial Demons will come.” “Oh,” said James indifferently.


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