The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5120

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5120-Seeing that James was indifferent, Livie said sternly, “Dad, do you know how terrifying the Great Elder is? If he’s coming in person this time, Endlos is bound to be taken over by him.”

Looking at Livie, James asked, “Livie, who were you before your previous life?”

He waved his hand, and a few chairs appeared.

Pointing at the chairs, he gestured for King Marciais and Livie to sit.

King Marciais sat down. He also wanted to know Livie’s background. He wanted to know what the sect she was in was like.

Livie also sat down.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “Endlos is one of the many planes. I’m from the Central Plane. The Central Plane is one of the most powerful planes. It’s divided

up by many powerhouses.

“I came from a place called Emyr Island. I’m the Grand Priestess of Emyr Island.

My teacher is the Island Lord of Emyr Island.”

“Fenton Newman.” James could not help but frown.

“What’s wrong?” Livie shuddered. Surprised, she looked at James and said,

“Dad, you know my teacher’s name.”

Dully, James said, “He’s one of the Central Plane’s Ten Powerhouses. Of course I know his name.”

James rubbed his temples.

He did not expect the mastermind behind the attack of Endlos to be the Island Lord of Emyr Island, Fenton.

“Who’s the Great Elder of Emyr Island? What’s his cultivation rank?” James asked.

James only knew about the Island Lord of Emyr Island. He had no idea who the Great Elder of Emyr Island was. He had not paid attention to these things in the


With a grave expression, Livie said, “The Great Elder is Lor Willasse. He’s in the Sovereign Third Rank. In Emyr Island, he’s second only to my teacher.”

“Fenton hasn’t entered the Celestial Rank yet, right?” James questioned.

In James’ previous life, he would be able to defeat Fenton easily.

Even though Fenton was known as one of the Central Plane’s Ten Powerhouses, he was at the bottom of the ranking. Besides, this ranking was created by idle living beings.

The lords of several powerful planes could also defeat Fenton.

Even so, James only recovered memories of his past life not too long ago.

During the battle in his previous life, he was almost beaten to death. Only his spirit escaped.

Although he had cultivated the Tressencia Completare, his current Tressencia Completare was not the strongest among the powers he used.

“The Great Elder is in the Sovereign Sixth Rank. He’s only a step away from the Celestial Rank,” said Livie.

‘There’s nothing to worry about.” James continued, “As long as Fenton doesn’t come in person, I have nothing to fear.

Even if he does come in person, I may not have to be afraid.”

Now, even though James’ cultivation rank was not high, he knew that Fenton was injured. Fenton would not be at his peak.

“Dad, you…” Livie was so shocked that she was speechless.

It had only been one epoch. How did James become so mysterious?

How did he know about the affairs in the Central Plane? He also knew the name of Livie’s teacher.

James did not explain all this.

Looking at Livie, James smiled and said, “Since you’re here, stay in Orstellen Sect. If Lor dares to show up, Endlos will be his burial place.”

Since James had spoken, Livie did not say anything else.

“Please arrange her stay.” James looked at King Marciais.

“No problem.”

King Marciais stood up. He looked at Livie and said, “Come with me.”


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