The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5121

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5121-Livie stood up and said, “Dad, I’ll leave now.

“Alright.” James waved.

Then, Livie left with King Marciais. As they left, she walked closely behind him and asked, “What has happened since the last entrapoch?”

King Marciais smiled and replied, “A lot has happened. Your father is no longer the person he was when he fought Mekaisto back then. He’s much stronger


“Even if he’s stronger, he’ll at most be at the Sovereign Rank. How can he remain so calm when facing the Great Elder in the Sovereign Third Rank?” Livie

asked with concern.

As far as she knew, the Endlos Plane was just a small plane of existence.

Despite its great potential and power, reaching the Sovereign Rank meant reaching the pinnacle. Nurturing a Sovereign Rank powerhouse required

gathering the entire providence of Endlos.

Without taking into account more powerful planes of existence, reaching the Sovereign Rank meant reaching the peak. She could not understand how

James could remain so composed hearing about the Great Elder from Emyr Island.

“I have no idea.” King Marciais shrugged. “I don’t know James’ current true strength. All I know is that he was only at the Chaos Essencia Rank before

entering the Orstellen Sect’s holy site for cultivation. In my estimate, the most he could have attained during his time in the holy site is the Chaos Completare Rank. Who knows in which realm he currently resides,” King Marciais said.

Despite his inability to determine James’ current realm, James’ composed demeanor reassured him that there was nothing to worry about.

Seeing Livie’s frown, he smiled reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry. With James guarding this part of Endlos, it’ll be safe.”

“I hope so.” Livie sighed helplessly.

In the past, Endlos had only ever encountered Sovereign Rank powerhouse.

Even during the second invasion, the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander was at most in the early stage of the Sovereign Rank. This time,

the Great Elder that was coming was a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse. Livie was genuinely worried that Endlos might not be able to withstand this new


Despite being the Grand Priestess of Emyr Island, Livie had come to appreciate her time in Endlos, and she had no desire to return to the deceitful environment

of the island.

In the manor, the Ancestral Blood Master looked serious as he asked, “James,

are you really confident? That’s a legendary powerhouse in the Sovereign Third Rank. The Sovereign Rank is a legend in Endlos, and a Sovereign Rank

powerhouse alone has the potential to devastate the Endlos, let alone a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse.”

James smiled and said, “In the Central Plane or any other planes of existence,

dealing with a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse might pose a challenge.

However, here in Endlos, I’ve absorbed the three beams of Endlos Lights. I can be considered the Lord of the Endlos Plane, and I can harness all the power

within it. If within Endlos, a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse stands no chance against me.”

James was confident about this. As a Celestial Rank powerhouse in his past life,

he had a deep understanding of the Sovereign Third Rank power. Moreover, he had a clear assessment of his current strength, knowing that with the combined

power of his abilities and the Endlos Plane, he was assured of victory if a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse dared to challenge him.

With this assurance, the Ancestral Blood Master felt a sense of relief. James added, “However, we can’t afford to be careless.” He then stood up and said, “I

need to resolve some matters at the source.”

Next, he called out into the void, saying, “Thea, Wyot, and Mr. Taran, please come to meet me.”

James intended to confront the Extraterrestrial Demon outside Infinity City and the one lurking at the deepest part of the Tribulation World. These threats posed

a significant concern for the Endlos Plane.

Emyr Island had been launching attacks on Endlos from various places. For them, the battle was always ongoing. Now, with the arrival of a Sovereign Third

Rank powerhouse, it might be a total showdown. James needed to deal with some trouble before embracing the new battle wholeheartedly.


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