The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5122

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5122-Thea, Wyot, and Taran appeared one after the other.

“What happened?” Wyot asked, while Thea and Taran both looked at James.

James responded, “I’ve received news that the Great Elder of Emyr Island in the Central Plane outside Endlos has made an appearance in Endlos. Emyr Island

is the home of the Extraterrestrial Demons that attacked Endlos. The Great Elder’s name is Lor Willasse, and he’s a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse.”

‘The Sovereign Third Rank?” The three of them were stunned. Despite being legendary powerhouses in the Endlos Plane, none of them had reached the

Sovereign Rank. Facing a living being of that rank did not guarantee a winnable battle, yet now a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse had emerged.

Seeing their grave expressions, James reassured them with a smile, ‘There’s nothing to worry about. Lor’s arrival indicates that Emyr Island is on the brink of

a full-scale attack on Endlos. I need to handle battles on the other battlefields.

The three of you should focus on stabilizing the Endlos Plane for now.”

Thea asked, “Where did you get this information?”

James explained, “From Livie. She used to hold a high position as the Grand Priestess of Emyr Island and could sense Lor’s aura. She came here specifically

to inform me.”

Thea trusted Livie because she had once sacrificed herself to save James.

Thea solemnly declared, “Go ahead and entrust Endlos to us for now. As long as we’re alive, we won’t let the Extraterrestrial Demons harm Endlos.”

“Alright.” James nodded gently.

He had confidence in Thea, Wyot, and Taran’s abilities. With the assurance that Lor would not personally intervene, the safety of the Endlos Plane seemed

guaranteed for the time being.

Furthermore, the current Endlos had grown significantly stronger compared to the era of Emperor Raiah. In addition to Thea, Wyot, and Taran, it now boasted

powerhouses like King Marciais, Henrik, and Yardos.

“Monitor the various parts of Endlos closely. Keep a vigilant eye on the situation in the Dark World,” James instructed.

Wyot did not hesitate and swiftly departed, while Taran also made his way out.

Thea, too, did not linger at the Orstellen Sect. She promptly returned to the universe where the Human Race resided.

After settling Livie, King Marciais quickly reappeared and found James.

“Zavis,” James called out.

King Marciais approached and took a seat nearby, looking at James. He asked,

“Do you have confidence in this battle?” James smiled and replied, “Absolutely.”

James had great confidence in his own strength. As long as the Island Lord of Emyr Island did not show up in person, this battle would be a certain victory for

Endlos. Lor alone would not be able to stir up any trouble in Endlos.

“In the first battle, Lady Tehila refined the Koloretsua Stone to mend the heavens and protect Endlos. In the second battle, Emperor Raiah sacrificed a

part of his soul to severely wound the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander. Likewise, in this battle, we will protect Endlos,” James said.

With those reassuring words, King Marciais felt at ease. Looking at James, he asked, “What do you need me to do?”

James replied, ‘You’ll be in charge at the Orstellen Sect. If the Extraterrestrial Demons do indeed launch an attack on Endlos, lend your support to Wyot and


“What about you?” King Marciais asked.

James replied, “The battlefield isn’t limited to one place. From the moment the Endlos Plane came into existence, Emyr Island has been attacking Endlos. This

battle extends across the river of time, and the struggle at the source of time has not yet reached a conclusion. I must go to the source of time to bring this

battle to a resolution. Emyr Island is attacking Endlos from various points, and there’s also a battlefield at the end of the Tribulation World. I have to deal with

these troubles before fully embracing the upcoming battle.”

“Do you need my help?” King Marciais asked.

“Not at the moment,” James replied. ‘You just need to take charge at the Orstellen Sect. And…”


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