The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5123

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5123-James remembered something and paused before saying,” By my side are reincarnations of the Extraterrestrial Demons. I’m unsure of their identities. Can you watch for any unusual behavior from those around me once Lor appears?”

Zella said that James had many reincarnations of Extraterrestrial Demons by his side, but he could not identify them at the moment.

“Alright, I’ll keep an eye out.” King Marciais nodded and then left. The Ancestral Blood Master also followed suit.

Right now, Endlos was peaceful, but it was the calm before the storm, and James needed to prepare.

Only James remained in the manor. A knocking sound came from outside the door, and the gate of the courtyard swung open, revealing an intelligent and

beautiful woman dressed in white.

“James,” Zella called out sweetly as she walked in.

“Zella, you’re here,” James said, smiling.

“Yep,” Zella replied as she sat down. “I saw something unusual.”

James knew she was referring to Endlos becoming unsettled soon.

He looked at Zella and asked, “What did you see?”

He was curious about what Zella, who had prophetic abilities, had seen. In his understanding, the future did not exist. It was uncertain and not fixed. The future

was full of variables, and the actions of any living being could influence and change it.

‘The Extraterrestrial Demons have appeared,” Zella said with a serious expression. “I saw a legendary powerhouse cross the spatial barrier of the Endlos Plane and appear within it.”

“Can you see what will happen in the future, and can you see if we have a chance of winning the upcoming battle in Endlos?” James asked with curiosity.

“No.” Zella shook her head slightly. “I can only sense that the next battle will be very fierce and brutal.”

“Have you found any leads on the reincarnations of the Extraterrestrial Demons by my side that you mentioned last time?” James asked again.

Although he was now very powerful and unafraid of the reincarnations of the Emyr Island powerhouses, he still felt uncomfortable with some uncertainties by

his side. He needed to find out who they were before the final battle.

Zella shook her head again. She had only sensed the presence of the Extraterrestrial Demon powerhouses in Endlos and knew no more beyond that.

“Alright, I understand.” James nodded gently. “You can go now. I will handle these matters.”

“Okay.” Zella stood up, bid farewell to James, and then left.

After some thought, James stood up and decided to leave.

Once again, he appeared in the Human Universe. He stood in the vast void and then activated the District Heavenly Path of the Endlos, forcibly entering the

Tribulation World. His purpose this time was to deal with the Extraterrestrial Demon outside the Tribulation City and get the Emperor of Tribulation to lend a


The Emperor of Tribulation had guarded Endlos for countless ages, and now James intended to share some of the burden.

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