The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5124

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5124-James appeared in the Tribulation World. He traversed through countless Tribulation Clouds and the lightning tribulation. Soon, he reached the end of the Tribulation World, where a solitary city lay in the distance.

The city was vast but desolate, with towering closed gates and no signs of life on the city walls, only silence.

James walked toward it. Just as he arrived at the Tribulation City’s gate, the Emperor of Tribulation guarding the city sensed his presence.


A remnant light descended and gradually coalesced into a man wearing tattered armor. The man’s hair was disheveled, and he bore some scars, looking rather


“Brat, you’re here,” the Emperor of Tribulation glanced at James and casually greeted him. In that instant, he realized he could not sense James’ cultivation

realm and exclaimed, “You?”

James also looked at the Emperor of Tribulation. Previously, he could not sense his realm, but upon his return to the city, he found that he could now sense his

cultivation realm. The Emperor of Tribulation was an existence surpassing not only the Chaos Completare Rank but also the Consummation Chaos

Completare Rank, having ascended to the Sovereign Rank.

“I didn’t expect you to be a Sovereign Rank powerhouse,” James said as he looked at the Emperor of Tribulation.

“Brat,” the Emperor of Tribulation said after his initial surprise, smiling. “I can’t even fathom your cultivation realm now. It seems you’ve had some opportunities

and boons during this time. Your strength has truly grown.”

“Yes,” James nodded lightly and said, “I’ve come this time with the intention of completely resolving the battle in this place.”

“Completely resolving it?” The Emperor of Tribulation was thoroughly stunned and remained in a daze for several seconds before bursting into laughter.

“Excellent! After spending countless epochs guarding, I’ve patiently awaited the moment to fully resolve this battle. Now, let’s enter the city and discuss things.”

The Emperor of Tribulation led James into the city. The main hall in the city mansion was empty. The Emperor of Tribulation invited James to sit casually,

and James complied.

It was only then that the Emperor of Tribulation began to speak. “Back then,

when powerhouses from other planes of existence invaded Endlos, numerous powerhouses from Endlos united to form the Orstellen Sect. Together, they

began a united resistance against the Extraterrestrial Demons.”

As he recounted these events, the Emperor of Tribulation got lost in thought.

Unbeknownst to him, countless ages had passed.

“In that battle, it was truly earth-shattering as powerhouses from other planes of existence infiltrated every corner. The first sect leader of the Orstellen Sect went to Infinity City to defend against the Extraterrestrial Demons, while I came to guard the Tribulation City. In the outside world, Lady Tehila created the

Koloretsua Stone and repaired the rifts in Endlos, expelling the Extraterrestrial Demons from it.”

Upon hearing this, James was amazed. He had thought that the powerhouses outside the Infinity City, including the Emperor of Tribulation, had only started

guarding this place during the second invasion of the Extraterrestrial Demons,

which occurred during Emperor Raiah’s era.


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