The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5125

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5125-James never knew that they were actually members of the Orstellen Sect and they had been guarding this place since the first invasion of the Extraterrestrial Demons. He did not expect the powerhouse of the Infinity City to be the first sect leader of the Orstellen Sect.

“Brat, what’s your current cultivation realm?” the Emperor of Tribulation looked at James and asked. “I reached the Sovereign Rank a long time ago, but I can’t quite discern your cultivation realm.”

“I’d say I’m in the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank,” James replied.

Although he had fully absorbed and refined three beams of the Endlos Lights,

became the Lord of Planes, reached the sixteenth rank of the Marciais Path,

and created a Supernatural Signature Skill known as the Tressencia Completare Art, his cultivation realm still remained at the Consummation Chaos Completare

Rank. He had yet to enter the Sovereign Rank. However, the sixteenth rank of the Marciais Path was already equal to the Sovereign Rank.

‘This?” The Emperor of Tribulation furrowed his brows slightly, then his expression turned serious as he said,” James, it’s too early to talk about ending

the battle now. The powerhouse attacking the Tribulation City to enter Endlos through the Tribulation World is terrifying. Even I can barely hold this place after

occupying the Tribulation City and utilizing the Tribulation World’s power.”

Upon learning of James’ cultivation realm, the Emperor of Tribulation showed evident disappointment. He thought they could truly end the battle, only to

discover that James had only achieved the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank. Even though this realm was powerful, it was insufficient to definitively

resolve the battle.

James smiled and said, “I’ve absorbed and refined three beams of the Endlos Lights and comprehended the inscriptions within. Moreover, I’ve created a

powerful Supernatural Signature Skill. Also, I’m now the Lord of Planes, capable of wielding the power of the Endlos Plane. There should be no problem dealing

with the battle in the deepest part of the Tribulation World.”

The Emperor of Tribulation looked at James and said,” James, have you thought it out clearly? I’ve always been on defense. Once we open the formation and

leave the city, the Tribulation City will be lost if we fail. The Extraterrestrial Demon will then enter Endlos through the Tribulation World, causing the

Tribulation World to break and subjecting the entire Endlos Plane to constant Heavenly Tribulation.”

“Mhm,” James replied earnestly. “I’ve carefully considered it. I understand the gravity of the situation. A Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse has already appeared in the outside world. We need to resolve the battles in the Tribulation World and the Infinity City before dealing with him.”

Seeing James’ confidence, the Emperor of Tribulation remained silent. He stood up and patted James on the shoulder, and his aura instantly soared to its peak

as he said, “Alright, let’s join forces today to eliminate Demon Laird in the deepest part of the Tribulation World.”

“James, you don’t fully understand the powerhouse attacking the Tribulation World. Let me give you a brief introduction.” Emperor of Tribulation continued,

‘The powerhouse that attacked the Tribulation World is known as Demon Laird.

He can evade the plane’s patrols and enter any plane from the Tribulation World. His cultivation realm is formidable. He’s reached the later stage of the

Sovereign First Rank. I can barely resist him by using the formation of the Tribulation City and harnessing the power of the Tribulation World.”

The Emperor of Tribulation provided some information about Demon Laird.

Upon learning of his rank, James felt relieved. He smiled and said, “You’ve guarded this place for countless years and protected the safety of Endlos. I’ll

handle the upcoming battle. You can just watch from the Tribulation City.”

“Are you confident?” The Emperor of Tribulation looked at James skeptically.

James had only reached the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank. Despite him being the Lord of Planes,

the Emperor of Tribulation still had some concerns.

“Haha,” James laughed heartily and said, “Just enjoy the show from the city walls.”

With James’ assurance, the Emperor of Tribulation did not say anything more.

The two of them quickly left the city mansion and reappeared atop the city walls.

James stood on the wall, gazing at the densely packed dark clouds and the multitude of monsters outside the formation.

As he stepped outside the city, he encountered the Tribulation City’s formation.

Just as the Emperor of Tribulation was about to open the formation to let James out, James dispelled the formation with ease.

‘This brat.” The Emperor of Tribulation’s face showed a hint of shock. “You effortlessly dispelled the Tribulation City’s formation. What incredible strength!”


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