The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5126

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5126-James left the city, effortlessly dispelling the Tribulation City’s formation that had been designed to fend off the Extraterrestrial Demon invasions. With James

committed to resolving the battle, the formation was no longer necessary.

The formation disappeared completely after James dispelled it, and with its disappearance, a horde of monsters swarmed in from all directions.

James stood in the void, seeing these mindless monsters approaching. With a wave of his hand, he summoned a potent force that instantly vaporized the

oncoming monsters.

He proceeded forward, emitting an extremely intimidating aura. As he moved,

every monster in his path evaporated, reduced to ashes.

Away from the Tribulation City, James noticed numerous Spatial Black Holes.

Countless monsters were pouring out from these black holes continuously.

James knew that within these Spatial Black Holes, there were numerous Mothers whose mission was to produce formidable monsters.

James casually conjured mysterious inscriptions that entered these Spatial Black Holes. With thunderous roars, the black holes began to rupture and

explode, disappearing into nothingness. Inside, the Mothers were instantly eradicated. As a result, the number of monsters dwindled.

While advancing and eliminating monsters, James reached a remote region of the Tribulation City, situated on the outskirts of the Tribulation World and its

space was chaotic. In this region, there was a city suspended within the chaotic space. The city walls were manned by countless soldiers clad in black armor

and armed with spears.

In the public hall of the city mansion, a man lounged in a chair with a pretty woman on his lap, feeding him spiritual berries. In the front, several alluring

women danced gracefully.

“Report!” A soldier rushed into the public hall.

“What is it?” the man asked, still lounging lazily.

This man was Demon Laird, a powerhouse from Emyr Island. He had led his forces to invade the Endlos from the Tribulation World but had been unable to

breach its defenses. Instead, he had settled here, awaiting instructions from higher authorities.

‘The Tribulation City’s formation has disappeared, and the powerhouse from the Endlos Plane is launching a counterattack,” the soldier reported.

“Oh?” Demon Laird suddenly grew interested. “The Endlos Plane has organized a large-scale counterattack? That’s quite intriguing. After years of idleness, I

finally have something to do. Send the order for everyone to prepare for battle.”

“No, it’s just one living being who left the city.”

“What?” Demon Laird was taken aback, but quickly grasped the situation and asked, “Is it the Emperor of Tribulation who guards the Tribulation City, Gurgen


“No, it’s not him.”

Hearing this, Demon Laird looked puzzled and muttered, “If it’s not him, then who could it be?” He pushed the beauty in his lap aside, stood up, and gave the

order, “Prepare for battle.”

Afterward, he left the city mansion and appeared on the city walls. Upon reaching the city gates, he saw that the protective formation around the

Tribulation City had disappeared. His expression lit up with excitement.


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