The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5127

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5127-For many long years, he had been thwarted by the protective formation, never able to breach it. Now, the opportunity had finally arrived. The formation around the Tribulation City had disappeared, and his moment to shine had come.

At this moment, he saw a man walking through the void. This man was dressed in black robes, emitting a potent aura that obliterated every monster in its path.

“Who is this? His aura is quite strong. When did such a formidable powerhouse emerge in the Endlos Plane?” Sensing James’ aura, Demon Laird’s expression

grew serious.

James advanced rapidly and soon appeared outside the city. He looked at the numerous Extraterrestrial Demons on the city wall, observing these living beings

from other planes of existence.

At that moment, Demon Laird on the city wall shouted, “I haven’t even launched an attack, and you’re leaving on your own. Now that you’re here, don’t think

about going back.”

James glanced at Demon Laird and stayed composed. “Are you Demon Laird from Emyr Island?”

“Yes, I am Laird Malik, also known as Demon Laird, from Emyr Island,” Demon Laird declared proudly.

James surveyed the city and realized that there was no formation protecting it through his perception.

“Annihilate,” he murmured, and as the word left his mouth, it seemed to carry a mysterious power.

Instantly, the heavens and earth trembled, and the city in front of him shattered at a visible speed, causing a significant loss of life among the countless armies


“Such incredible power.” Laird’s expression changed drastically. At that moment,

his body soared into the air. The moment he appeared in mid-air, the city below was annihilated, and countless soldiers and powerhouses within died.

James had destroyed an entire city and Laird’s countless subordinates with just one word.

Laird’s expression turned extremely grim. He exerted his full power, and his aura reached its peak in an instant. The aura of the later stage of the Sovereign

First Rank overflowed, causing the surrounding space to become highly unstable.

In the Tribulation City, Gurgen stood on the city wall.

Sensing the aura emanating from the deepest part of the Tribulation World, he took a deep breath and muttered to himself, “Such a potent aura. A powerhouse

from the later stage of the Sovereign First Rank is going all out. I wonder if James can withstand it.”

A terrifying aura erupted from the deepest part of the Tribulation World, affecting countless Heavenly Tribulations within. Even the District Heavenly Path could

not suppress the Heavenly Tribulations in the Tribulation World, causing numerous Tribulation Clouds to appear in the outside world.

These clouds lost control and began to attack the Endlos.

In an instant, the Endlos descended into chaos.

“James’ battle has begun.” King Marciais from the Orstellen Sect sensed the chaotic power emanating from the Tribulation World and the abnormal Heavenly

Tribulations appearing all over the Endlos. His expression changed slightly.

At this moment, Thea, who presided over the Human Universe, stepped forward and unleashed an incredibly powerful force to stabilize the abnormal Heavenly

Tribulations in all Ten Districts. She blocked the Heavenly Tribulations and forcefully sent them back to the Tribulation World.

Following that, Thea, Wyot, Taran, and King Marciais joined forces to seal the Endlos and resist the power emanating from the Tribulation World.

In the deepest part of the Tribulation World, Laird exerted his full power. His aura was as strong as that of a war god. Lightning crackled around him. This

was the lightning tribulation he had cultivated from other planes of existence,

and it possessed terrifying strength.

Facing this scene, James remained composed. However, he did not underestimate the situation because this was a powerhouse from the later stage of the Sovereign First Rank.

In an instant, he entered the sixteenth rank of the Marciais Path, and a mysterious flower appeared above his head. It bloomed rapidly, emanating a mystical power that enveloped his entire body.


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