The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5129

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5129-Dreadful Sword Energies permeated the surroundings and swept through, even affecting the distant Tribulation Clouds.

In the outside world, several powerhouses joined forces to set up a barrier.

However, the waves emanating from the Tribulation World were too terrifying.

Despite their combined efforts, they could not fully suppress it, and some violent forces still diffused from the Tribulation World.

Fortunately, the diffused power was no longer very strong, and with Thea, Wyot,

Taran, and King Marciais guarding the Endlos, it remained unharmed for the time being.

Gurgen in the Tribulation City also sensed the dispersing battle power. At that moment, he took action to stabilize the Tribulation World. After his intervention,

Thea and the others felt considerably less pressure.

On the battlefield, Laird’s aura was vibrant as he launched intense attacks,

employed various Supernatural Signature Skills, and unleashed overwhelming Sword Energy.

However, none of these could harm James.

James moved freely on the battlefield, striking at will, continuously injuring Laird.

Right from the beginning of the battle, Laird had already sustained severe wounds.

After James made some simple moves to release his power, he completely stabilized his Tressencia Completare Art. Once his realm was secured, he did

not hold back. At that moment, James’ body vanished.

A mysterious formation appeared as his body disappeared. On both the top and bottom of the formation, there were two men. One of these men was James’

past form, and the other was his future form, while his current form had transformed into the formation.

The formation immediately trapped Laird. No matter how hard Laird struggled,

he could not break free from it.

At that moment, the past form left the top of the formation and appeared in front of Laird. With a strike, it slapped Laird’s head, causing it to shatter instantly, with cracks spreading throughout his body. Immediately afterward, a tremendous force exploded from within him.


Laird’s physical body and even his soul were annihilated in an instant, all by a single blow from the past form.

The past form returned to the formation. Shortly after, the formation disappeared, and James’ body reappeared on the battlefield.

Seeing this, Gurgen was stunned. “Is it over?” He found it incredible. He had guarded this place for countless years, all to resist Laird. Now, James had

effortlessly defeated him, despite Laird being a powerhouse at the late stage of the Sovereign First Rank.

James’ cultivation realm was only in the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank. In this cross-realm battle, he had effortlessly killed his opponent. It was


While Gurgen was still in shock, James had returned. “Mr. Gurgen…” James called out.

Only then did Gurgen react. He looked deeply at James, then raised his thumb in admiration. “Amazing, you’re truly amazing. I didn’t expect you to reach this

level in such a short time.”

James just smiled faintly. It was merely a living being at the late stage of the Sovereign First Rank.

In his past life, he could easily eliminate such a powerhouse. Not to mention the Sovereign First Rank, even a Sovereign Sixth Rank and powerhouse that

entered the Celestial Rank would not dare to act recklessly in front of him.


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