The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5130

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5130-James intervened and easily defeated the Extraterrestrial Demon, Laird, who had invaded the deepest part of the Tribulation World. This battle led to the collapse of the Tribulation World.

Afterward, Gurgen took action to stabilize the collapsing world.

“Mr. Gurgen, can you leave now?” James asked.

Gurgen promptly withdrew his hand and responded, “In the cultivation realm,

strength is supreme. I dare not accept the title of ‘Mr’.”

James smiled.

Gurgen sighed, “Guarding here for countless ages, I feel reluctant to leave.”

James did not hurry to leave either. Together, they returned to the Tribulation City.

“Gurgen, I’m going to handle the battle at the source of time in Infinity City next.

However, there are still some uncertainties in the outside world. After you leave,

don’t reveal yourself immediately. Instead, stay hidden to prevent any unforeseen circumstances,” James advised.

He had several reincarnations of Extraterrestrial Demons by his side, and he was concerned about potential unrest. He needed Gurgen to observe from the


“No problem,” Gurgen said. “I’ll observe from the shadows. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I won’t easily reveal myself.”

James felt reassured with Gurgen observing from the shadows. Then, the two of them left the Tribulation World.

After their departure, James did not immediately reveal himself. He exchanged greetings with Gurgen and then left, entering the Infinity City. He traversed many

Infinity Cities and finally arrived at the 108th Infinity City.

Previously, James had no idea who was guarding this place. Now he knew it was the first Sect Leader of the Orstellen Sect, one of the powerhouses who

had organized the living beings from the Endlos Plane to resist powerhouses from other planes.

The 108th Infinity City was desolate and silent. When he arrived, a mysterious man also appeared.

‘You’ve returned,” the man said after glancing at James. He wore a black robe and appeared exhausted, clearly worn out from guarding this place.

“Mr. Gaius,” James greeted with clasped hands. “I’ve come this time to completely eliminate the Extraterrestrial Demon at the source of time.”

“What’s your strength?” The man looked at James and could not discern his cultivation realm.

James smiled and replied, “I’ve already dealt with the Extraterrestrial Demon in the deepest part of the Tribulation World.”

Hearing this, the man looked astonished, then nodded in admiration. “You’re truly impressive. When I first met you, I could sense that one day we would fight

side by side. I didn’t expect that day would finally come.”

“Mr. Gaius,” James asked, “Who is the Extraterrestrial Demon at the source of time, and how strong is he?”

As they spoke about the Extraterrestrial Demon at the source of time, the man’s expression grew solemn. After taking a deep breath, he said, “This is a

powerhouse from another plane, a time control legendary powerhouse. When powerhouses from other planes invaded the Endlos, he led a group of

powerhouses to the Endlos’ source of time, attempting to launch an attack on the Endlos from there.”

He continued, “I don’t know his name, but from my battles with him, I can tell you that his cultivation is at least at the late stage of the Sovereign First Rank.

Faced with such a powerhouse, I didn’t have the confidence to defeat him completely. That’s why I constructed the 108 Infinity Cities in the river of time,

using them to resist him.”

Relieved to hear that the opponent was only at the late stage of the Sovereign First Rank, James chuckled and said, ‘You’ve guarded this place for countless

ages, and now, the upcoming battle falls to me.”

“Just you?” The man looked at James with a grave expression.


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