The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5132

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5132-For all this time, Gaius, who was the first sect leader of the Orstellen Sect, had been guarding the Infinity Cities.

“Sir Gaius,” James went on, ‘The battle at the Infinity Cities has ended.

However, it is still ongoing in the outside world. A Sovereign Third Rank cultivator that came from another plane of existence had appeared in the Endlos


“A Sovereign Third Rank cultivator?!” Gaius knitted his brows.

James replied, “Fortunately, he’s still the least of our problems. I have absorbed and cultivated the three beams of Endlos Lights. In a way, I have become the

lord of the Endlos Plane as I can wield or control almost any kind of energy existing in the Endlos. Even the Sovereign Third Rank cultivator would not be

able to harm me within the Endlos Plane.”

Gaius sighed in relief upon hearing James’ words.

“Is there anything you need my help with then?” Gaius asked.

James briefly described to him what was happening outside.

“Several beings from another plane of existence are living amongst us, but I have not confirmed who they are yet. For now, we should work covertly and

keep everyone under surveillance to catch all those people.”

“Alright. I’ll help with your plan,” Gaius agreed.

After that, James and Gaius left the Infinity Cities. As soon as they had exited the city perimeters, the Infinity Cities slowly disappeared as they had served

their purpose.

The two of them soon arrived at a universe located not too far away from the Orstellen Sect’s base. They met up with Gurgen, who had chosen the universe

as his hideout, in an inconspicuous residence.


Gurgen was over the moon to meet Gaius again. He gave a hearty laugh as he threw his arms around Gaius. “I am so glad to see you here. I thought I wouldn’t

be able to see you again in this lifetime!”

James, who had put on a disguise, felt a warm feeling inside as he could sense the joy of those two men being reunited.

Then, Gurgen and Gaius turned to James.

Gurgen asked, “James, what are your plans now?”

James sat down next to the table and tapped his index finger on the tabletop.

After a brief moment, he began, ‘The two of you should head to the Orstellen Sect’s base and blend in with the people there.”

James suspected that the reincarnations of the cultivators from the Central Plane’s Emyr Island had infiltrated the Orstellen Sect.

James had to remain in the dark for the time being. On the contrary, Gurgen and Gaius were new faces to the people of the Orstellen Sect. Moreover, they had

both achieved the Sovereign Rank. Both men would be perfect for the task.

“After entering the Orstellen Sect’s territory, you should monitor everyone and keep an eye out for any suspicious activities.”

Gaius asked, “We’re monitoring everyone?”

“That’s right. Everyone, including my wife,” James replied.

In his opinion, everyone was under suspicion until they could discern who was planted in the Orstellen Sect.

James was not planning to exterminate all of the moles. At his level of skills and cultivation, they would not pose any threat to him. However, James was

concerned the moles might plot something to harm their people.

“Alright. Leave that to us.” Gurgen nodded. He and Gaius left the universe shortly afterward.

Meanwhile, James made the place his temporary base and continued to stay there. He was confident that Gaius and Gurgen would easily become the top

cultivators of the Orstellen Sect once they succeeded in joining the group.

Now that they had resolved almost all external threats, the only thing left to do was to locate the Great Elder from Emyr Island. They would be able to secure

temporary peace in the Endlos by getting rid of that man.

However, to eliminate all threats, James would have to travel to Emyr Island and exterminate all their members there.

Unfortunately, if James were to leave the Endlos and travel to Emyr Island, he would hardly be able to go up against the lord of Emyr Island at his current

cultivation rank and skills.

At a beautiful, thriving universe located within the Endlos…


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