The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5133

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5133-A tall mountain surrounded by abundant amounts of spiritual energy could be found on a huge planet. Several buildings of unique, intricate designs were erected on the mountain.

Inside a quiet manor, an elderly man in a gray robe was seated in a wooden chair. The man had gray hair and deep wrinkles scattered on his face.

It was Lor, the Great Elder and the Sovereign Third Rank cultivator from Emyr Island.

Lor had arrived in the Endlos for quite some time and roughly learned about the famous, superior cultivators active at the moment. Lor had also heard about the

birth of a cultivator with true, exceptional powers in the Endlos. That man had even won all the battles happening at different places across the Endlos.

Still, Lor was not feeling anxious.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man was kneeling on the ground next to Lor’s feet.

The man was trembling all over as he kept his forehead stuck to the ground.

“That’s enough. You can stand up now,” Lor instructed in a monotonous voice.

The man stumbled to his feet. It was Sedris Caballero, the leader of the Theos Sect.

“Sir… Sir Lor,” Sedris greeted Lor in a shaky voice.

“Were you able to gather information about the current whereabouts of the three beams of Endlos Lights after all this time?” Lor asked.

“I’ve roughly confirmed where they are now,” Sedris continued, “One of the Endlos Lights is in the human cultivator, James Caden’s possession. His wife,

Thea Callahan, has one too. The third Endlos Light is with Wyot Dalibor, who comes from the Doom Race.”

Upon hearing those three names, Lor furrowed his brows. Then, he said,

“Alright. You can leave now.”

“Yes, Sir Lor.”

Sedris was drenched in a cold sweat as he treaded away carefully.

A short while later, a beam of light shot down from the sky and landed somewhere near Lor. A man stepped out of the light and greeted respectfully,

“Greetings, Sir Lor.”

“Mhm.” Lor gave a slight nod. “I have a mission for you.

Head to the Orstellen Sect’s base and seize Thea Callahan.”


A small frown creased the man’s forehead.

“What’s the matter?” Lor gazed at the man and asked expressionlessly, “Are you unwilling to carry out my orders? Or do you not have what it takes to do it?”

“Of course not. I will carry out your orders immediately.” The man bowed slightly and excused himself.

A few minutes after the man was gone, another young man appeared at the manor.

‘You came.” Lor’s face broke into a smile the instant he saw the young man. He got up and asked, “How has it been for you living at the Endlos?”

The man standing before Lor was none other than Wynton Yanes, who was one of James’ closest comrades. He sat down in an empty chair and picked up a

spiritual berry from a plate placed on the table.

As Wynton munched on the berry, he said flatly, “It was alright. I even feel a little attached to this identity.”

‘Young Master,” Lor reminded him, ‘You’ve recovered your memories now. You shouldn’t forget about your mission here. You came to the Endlos to help our

Lord claim the Endlos Lights. We won’t be able to conquer the Endlos even through an all-out attack. That was why the Lord had arranged for you to be

reincarnated into the Endlos.”

‘The Lord’s condition has worsened recently. There are also other groups and forces trying to bring us down. We must help the Lord collect the Endlos Lights

as soon as possible so that he can heal his injuries.”

Wynton replied nonchalantly, ‘You’ve already sent your man to capture Thea Callahan. It will be alright since we have you around. Anyway, our mission is to

obtain the Endlos Lights. Let’s not harm innocent lives.”

‘You’ve changed, Young Master.” Lor sounded slightly disappointed.

Wynton stood up and stretched his back. He said matter-of- factly, “I have lived an entirely different lifetime, after all. It’s only natural that I’ve more or less


Then, Wynton left the manor.


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