The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5135

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5135-Lor’s voice was quivering.

“Why? Do you know me?” Xezal arched a brow.

Lor’s eyes bulged in shock as he stared at Xezal. “The others might not know it,

but I do…”

-ohr Xezal was getting more and more intrigued. She had never once left the Endlos Plane, and she had never met the elderly man before her. She was curious

about how he would know her.

After staring at Xezal’s face for quite some time, Lor came to realize something.

It was very likely that the lady had yet to recover her memories after being reincarnated into the Endlos.

“Well, say something?” Xezal prompted him.

However, Lor remained silent. Various thoughts crossed his mind as he was in a state of shock.

Countless cultivators from the Central Plane had been searching for the reincarnation of Lady Wikolia all this time but were to no avail. Lor did not

expect to meet Lady Wikolia’s reincarnation at the Endlos Plane like this.

Lady Wikolia was one of the top cultivators of the Central Plane. A long long time ago, she had secretly plotted the plan to eliminate Lord Supremus.

No one, not even Lord Supremus, was aware that Lady Wikolia was the mastermind who had brought about his demise. Lor was an exception since one

of his ancestors had worked as the lady’s close aide in the past. Therefore, he had the opportunity to learn of such a huge secret.

‘Rumor has it that Lord Supremus hasn’t been annihilated. They say part of his soul has managed to escape, and he has been reincarnated. Could it be that

Lady Wikolia had chosen to be reincarnated into the Endlos Plane because Lord Supremus was reincarnated into this place?!’ Lor shuddered a little as he

pondered about that.

If that were the case, the Endlos would become a very dangerous place.

‘Perhaps… After the group of cultivators had eliminated Lord Supremus, they went ahead and took out Lady Wikolia too. Therefore, she was forced to get

reincarnated as well?’ he wondered.

In just a matter of seconds, Lor had considered multiple possibilities in his head.

However, he had no way of confirming his suspicions.


Xezal’s voice pulled Lor out of his reverie.

“Huh?” Lor snapped to his senses.

The lady before him was merely the reincarnation of Lady Wikolia. At her current cultivation rank, Xezal was not the person he needed to feel wary of.

A faint smile flickered across Lor’s face. He asked, “Why have you requested for a meeting?”

Xezal replied, “I am here to offer you assistance.”

“Assistance?” Lor’s brows lifted.

“That’s right.” Xezal explained, “Your main goal is to try and obtain the Endlos Lights. We already know that James Caden, Thea Callahan, and Wyot Dalibor

each have a beam of Endlos Light. As long as we capture those three, you’ll be able to have the Endlos Lights.”

Lor curled his lips. “Those people are all extremely capable cultivators. It is almost impossible for anyone to capture all three of them.”

Xezal let out a soft chuckle. ‘You’re being overly humble, Sir. The top cultivators of the Endlos Plane have at most achieved the Consummation Chaos

Completare Rank. On the other hand, you have already reached the Sovereign Rank. You can surely handle these three without any difficulties.”

Lor gave a slight nod. “In that case, why would I need your assistance then?”

Xezal met his gaze. ‘That’s because we can’t possibly trouble you with such a mediocre task. If you could lend me your subordinates and the spies you

planted in the Endlos, I would personally take care of the matter and help you obtain the three beams of Endlos Lights.”

Lor fell into deep thought.

He would not have bothered listening to some stranger’s proposal. However, he was currently facing the reincarnation of Lady Wikolia.

That made all the difference.

“Alright. I accept your offer,” Lor responded.


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