The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5136

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5136-Xezal thought she would have to spend some time trying to persuade Lor. So, she was rather surprised when she got his permission so easily.

Lor produced a token and tossed it in Xezal’s direction.” Take this token with

you. The men I’ve brought with me and those we’ve planted here in Endlos will

heed your command if you show them the token.”

Xezal smiled contemptuously as she kept the token in her pocket.

“I still don’t know which of the cultivators in Endlos have actually reincarnated

from another plane of existence.”

Lor shared without a hint of hesitation, “Wynton Yanes is the reincarnation of the

young lord from Emyr Island. Also, Xrival from the Human Race used to be a cultivator from Emyr Island.”

“Wynton… and Xrival?!” Xezal stuttered a little due to shock.

She had gotten quite a shock when she discovered that Sedris was the

reincarnation of a cultivator who had tried to conquer Endlos. Never did she

expect to find that Wynton and Xrival were from Emyr Island as well.

Xezal drew a long breath to calm herself down.

“You can leave now. I’ll be looking forward to hearing good news from you.” Lor

waved his hand dismissively.

Xezal did not wait for Sedris as she teleported and left right away. The fact that

Xrival was Lor’s subordinate would make it a lot easier for Xezal to carry out her


On the other hand, James had been keeping a close watch over the situation in

and around the Orstellen Sect from the nearby universe. He even made a

mental note of the cultivators who had left the Orstellen Sect’s base recently.


James spotted a familiar face at that moment.

“Xezal? What is she doing at the Orstellen Sect?”

Ever since he had recovered memories of his past life in the Orstellen Sect’s sanctuary, James had also realized Xezal’s true identity.

Xezal was once a superior cultivator from the Central Plane named Lady Wikolia. Back then, she was also one of his admirers.

During his last life, James was completely immersed in his life mission of

achieving better and greater power. He did not show much interest in anything


James did not dwell on how Xezal had ended up being reincarnated into the

Endlos. Moreover, he could tell that Xezal had yet to recover her memories from their past interactions. He had decided to catch up with her once he had settled

things in Endlos and when Xezal had regained her memories.

James was completely oblivious to the fact that it was Lady

Wikolia who had masterminded and conspired with other cultivators to bring him down.

After her feelings were rejected, Lady Wikolia was so infuriated and heartbroken

that she ultimately chose to exterminate James’ past self, Lord Supremus.

Xezal appeared somewhere just outside the Orstellen Sect’s base. She tried her best to conceal her aura and presence. However, James noticed her almost


Soon enough, she met up with Wynton somewhere nearby. After that, she got to

see Xrival too.

James was able to listen to their entire conversation with his powers. He

furrowed his brows as he considered what to do next.

‘Wynton is the young lord of Emyr Island… Also, Thea’s father, Xrival is actually the reincarnation of Lor Willasse’s subordinate?!” James never thought that

those two men would turn out to be the spies.

A brief moment later, James curled his lips.

“This is getting interesting. As expected of Lady Wikolia, her reincarnation

managed to get in touch with Lor within such a short amount of time. She even

received Lor’s token and was allowed to command his men from Emyr Island.

Let’s see what you will do after this.”

James felt much more at ease after learning who the spies from Emyr Island were. He continued to stay hidden in that universe while keeping everyone

under constant surveillance.

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