The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5137

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5137-Xezal went on her way after meeting with Wynton and Xrival. Shortly afterward,

Wynton left the Orstellen Sect’s base too.

James immediately contacted Gurgen and Gaius. He asked them to follow and monitor Xezal and Wynton separately.

Meanwhile, Thea was meditating near the edge of a cliff within the Orstellen Sect’s territory.

She could sense that the battles in the Tribulation World and the Infinity Cities

had ended. However, James had not returned to the Orstellen Sect yet.

Therefore, Thea continued to wait for James there.

Just then, a middle-aged man in a red robe approached Thea.

Thea got to her feet and greeted, “Father.”

Xrival nodded and asked, “Are you waiting here for James?”

“Mhm.” Thea continued, “The tremors caused by the battle in the Infinity Cities have died down. Yet, James hasn’t returned to us. I’m feeling a bit worried.”

Xrival smiled. “Don’t worry. With his current skills and abilities, James will be


He dropped his gaze and said a little hesitantly, ‘Thea, there’s something I have to tell you.”

“What is it?” Thea looked at Xrival curiously.

Xrival replied, “It’s about your origin.”

“My origin?” Thea seemed rather confused.

‘That’s right.” Xrival stepped closer to the edge of the cliff and gazed into the distance. After he took a deep breath, Xrival went on, “You came from the

deepest area of the Dark World.”

‘The Dark World?” Thea widened her eyes.

There was a glazed look in Xrival’s eyes as he recalled those past memories.

“Back then, Zaden Dalibor had hidden the Chaos District. However, the Chaos

District was still connected to the Dark World. In fact, not only does the Dark

World exist in the Endlos Plane, but it is also connected to any of the other

planes of existence.”

Thea had a fair understanding of what Xrival was describing regarding the Dark


“I was still a rather average cultivator at that time. One day, I noticed something

strange happening in the Dark World. When I had just stepped into the Dark

World, I saw you, who was just a newborn baby. At the time, a huge group of

monsters emanating immense amounts of black aura surrounded you to form a

strong protection barrier.”

“I had no idea who you were or where you came from.

Those monsters escorted you out of the Dark World and disappeared shortly

afterward. After that, I brought you out of that place.”

Xrival had not found any new clues relating to that incident. However, his

instincts were telling him that there must be something more to Thea’s origin

and background.

Moreover, after he had recovered memories of his past life, Xrival could not help

but feel concerned as he recalled the events that happened back then.

Thea was in a state of shock after listening to Xrival’s confession. He had kept

her in the dark all this time.

Thea was learning for the first time that she had actually been reincarnated into

the Endlos from another plane of existence. However, she still could not

remember anything from her past life even though she had achieved the

Consummation Chaos Completare Rank.

“Also…” Xrival directed his gaze at Thea.

He swiftly generated several inscriptions and shot them toward Thea’s body.

By the time Thea had reacted, the inscriptions had fused into her body and

sealed her cultivation base. When Thea tried to break the seal in her body, she

felt a sharp pain in her body instead.

“Father, you…”

“Thea, I am actually the reincarnation of a cultivator who comes from the Central

Plane’s Emyr Island. I was planted in the Endlos Plane a long time ago, and I

just recovered my memories.”

“Emyr Island is an extremely powerful force. James might be strong, but he

wouldn’t be able to hold up against those from Emyr Island.”

‘The people from Emyr Island wish to obtain the Endlos Lights. However, James

has absorbed and cultivated the Endlos Light. I have no choice but to take you

as my

hostage and force James to surrender the Endlos Lights.”

“I have to fulfill my mission. It’ll be a win-win situation as long as James

cooperates and surrenders the Endlos Lights.”


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