The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5138

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5138-Thea never would have imagined that her father would turn out to be the reincarnation of a skilled cultivator from another plane of existence.

Since Xrival had recovered his memories, he also regained all the powers he had lost before being reincarnated into the Endlos. Currently, his powers were

not inferior to Thea’s. Therefore, he was able to seal her cultivation base with a

surprise attack, i

After he had finished saying all that, Xrival moved Thea into his storage treasure by using his powers. Then, he left the place.

No one at the Orstellen Sect’s base had realized that Thea was abducted.

Fortunately, James had witnessed the entire incident.

With his incredible powers and skills, James could easily monitor what was

happening at the Orstellen Sect even though he was situated in the neighboring universe.

Sitting in a chair inside the residence, a small frown drew James’ brows


Under normal circumstances, James would have immediately departed to

rescue Thea. Moreover, he could easily get her out of Xrival’s clutches if he

wanted to.

However, James decided to lay low and continue watching those from Emyr

Island. He wanted to find out how far these people would go to achieve their goals.

That would ultimately decide these people’s fate when James initiates his plans

for retaliation later on.

James raised his hand and conjured an inscription at that moment. The

inscription slowly vanished from the space before James and reappeared next

to Xrival at the Orstellen Sect’s territory. The inscription remained in an invisible state and started following Xrival.

At the same time, Wynton had left the Orstellen Sect’s base and traveled to the

Human Universe.

In his past life, Wynton was the young lord from Emyr Island, and he had

achieved the Sovereign Rank back then. His powers were also restored as he regained the memories of his past life.

Wynton abducted some of James’ family members and friends at the Human

Universe. Simultaneously, James received news about what Wynton did from Gurgen, who was in charge of following Wynton.

Still, James told Gurgen to remain dormant and just follow Wynton for the time


James massaged his temples and muttered in a low voice,” I hope they won’t do

anything too drastic and cross the line. Otherwise, I won’t show them mercy either.”

Soon enough, Gaius contacted him with new updates.

“I have news, James. I think I’ve found Lor Willasse’s location.”

After listening to the message sent through Gaius’ inscription, James rose to his

feet. An immensely powerful aura radiated from his body. “Finally, I get to go all

out on another battle.”

James teleported and reemerged before Gaius, who was waiting at a place located not too far away from Lor’s spiritual mountain.

Gaius spotted James and gave a slight nod. “You’re here, James.”

“Mhm.” James asked, “What have you found so far?”

Gaius replied, “Xezal Dalibor stopped by this place briefly and left afterward. I

can sense a tremendous source of aura that I have never encountered in the

Endlos coming from that spiritual mountain. Even I feel threatened by the owner of that aura. I’m guessing that Lor Willasse, Emyr Island’s Great Elder resides


He looked at James. “What do you plan to do now?”

James said, “The biggest threat that we’re facing in the Endlos comes from this

man. As long as we remove Lor Willasse, we’ll have no trouble dealing with the other issues.”

Gaius suggested, “In that case, we should inform Gurgen to return here.

Although the two of us have only reached the Sovereign First Rank, we can still

assist you in bringing Lor down.”

James waved his hand dismissively. “It’s alright. The two of you should keep

watch and ensure the safety of the entire


Then, James teleported and arrived at the foot of the spiritual mountain.

“Who’s there?”

Several guards were stationed along the perimeter of the mountain.

Although these men had perfectly disguised themselves as humans, James could still sense the dark auras hidden deep in their bodies. It was a distinctive

aura that belonged to those who came from Emyr Island. 1

James’ gaze drifted across those men standing in his way. 3


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