The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5139

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5139-Then, he moved his feet and began walking toward the mountaintop.

Simultaneously, the guards were eerily vaporized as they tried to pounce at James. They were exterminated even before they could get close enough to

their target. Not even a fragment of their souls had survived James’ attack.

Since there weren’t any formation cast around the mountain, James was able to

ascend the mountain fairly quickly.

Meanwhile, Lor had detected an unusual aura coming from the direction of the

mountain’s base. As he used his powers to check who was there, Lor witnessed

how James managed to take out his subordinates in just a matter of seconds.


James had materialized before Lor inside the manor located near the top of the


Lor remained in his seat as he started in a calm voice, “I wasn’t expecting you to

show up here voluntarily, James Caden.”

James walked over to an empty chair next to Lor and plopped down. “You

shouldn’t have come to the Endlos. To be honest, you picked the wrong time. If

you had chosen to come here during the first or second invasion attempts, you probably would have succeeded in conquering the Endlos. You’ve lost your best

opportunity when you choose to appear now.”

“Is that right?” Lor smiled faintly and asked, “Are you saying that I’ve lost the opportunity because you are here now?”

“Precisely.” James slowly nodded. Then, he met Lor’s gaze.” You come from the

Central Plane. Have you heard of the Supremusseum?”

‘The Supremusseum?”

Lor’s eyes widened in surprise at the mention of that name.

“It seems you have.” James’ lips curled.

“You… How are you associated with the Supremusseum?” Lor kept his gaze

trained on James’ face.

James replied nonchalantly, “Well, the Supremusseum was my old dojo. I was a

bit careless in the past, and I almost got exterminated by a group of cultivators.

Luckily for me, I have learned the Thousand Souls Secret Art. I managed to

survive the attack by using that secret art. By chance, I was then reincarnated into the Endlos Plane.”

There was a loud crash as Lor jumped out of his seat but tripped and fell onto

the floor.

The Supremusseum belonged to a force that was once feared by all in the

Central Plane. It was also one of the strongest groups known by many across

the different planes of existence.

Although Lord Supremus had perished, one of his subordinates had taken over to manage the Supremusseum. Even after so long, the group still possessed

immense power and influence among their people.

Lor’s family had kept a portrait of Lady Wikolia all along. Therefore, he was able

to recognize her when he saw Xezal.

However, Lor had not had the chance to see Lord Supremus in the flesh. He

had no information regarding Lord Supremus ‘ age and gender. If anyone were

to come up to him and admit that they were Lord Supremus, Lor never would have believed them.

However, he had just met the reincarnation of Lady Wikolia not too long ago. He

could run into Lord Supremus’ reincarnation just like this too.

“Lord… Lord Supremus, I… I…”

Lor scrambled to his feet. He could not even finish his sentence coherently. “I… I’ll leave right now. I won’t ever step foot in the Endlos again.”

“You don’t have to do that.” James continued, “I will allow you a chance to

challenge me. You can leave Endlos if you win. If you lose, I will end you right


Lor scrunched his face as if he was about to burst into tears.

He had never imagined that he would receive a battle challenge from Lord

Supremus someday. Even though James was merely the reincarnation of Lord Supremus, Lor dared not go into an actual battle with him.

Lord Supremus was such a mighty and powerful cultivator that he could

probably take out the lord of Emyr Island with just a snap of his fingers.

“My soul has sustained severe damage during that final attack in my last life.

Though I have regained my memories, my powers are still not fully restored. I

am still in the same cultivation rank that I have achieved thus far in my current

life. So, there’s a chance you may defeat me.”

James spoke in a calm and collected manner. He was never going to allow Lor

to leave the Endlos alive.

Also, James postulated that he had a sixty percent chance of winning a battle against Lor. So, he intentionally shared the stories of his past to exert pressure

on Lor and to raise his chances of winning by another twenty percent.


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