The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5140

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5140-Even after James had said all that, it did not change how Lor felt about having a

battle with him.

“Lord… Lord Supremus, please spare my life! I truly had no clue that you were

reincarnated into the Endlos. If I had known, there was no way I would have

chosen to come here in the first place!”

Lor said in a choked voice, “Could you please show me some mercy and spare

me this time?”

A cryptic smile played across James’ face.

There was no way he would let Lor walk out of this place in one piece.

Lor had learned of James’ true identity. If the man were to disclose or spread

this information to others, James’ old enemies might come looking for him soon.

At his current cultivation rank and skills, James stood no chance against those

superior cultivators.

James had decided to keep his real identity a secret. That meant he would have

to get rid of loose ends like Lor.

“How about this? I will offer you two options,” James replied after giving it some


Lor’s face brightened up. “I’m all ears.”

James began, “Option one, I will give you a fatal blow that will destroy your

entire being and your soul. Option two, you will enter the process of

reincarnation voluntarily. Also, you are not allowed to recover your memories

and powers within the next one hundred thousand entrapochs.”

“I choose to be reincarnated.”

There wasn’t the slightest hint of hesitation in Lor’s voice. He would very much rather get reincarnated than cease to exist permanently.

“Go on, then.” James waved his hand dismissively.

Lor discarded his physical body as his soul materialized outside of his body and

left to reenter the reincarnation process.

Gaius dropped his jaw as he watched the exchange between those two men

from where he was. After Lor had left, he teleported and reappeared next to


“James… Are you really the reincarnation of a superior cultivator who comes

from the Central Plane?”

There was a look of bewilderment on Gaius’ face. “What… What exactly is the

Supremusseum? Also, how strong were you back in your past life? After

learning who you are, a Sovereign Third Rank cultivator willingly chose to get reincarnated instead of battling you!”

James let out a soft chuckle. “That was all in the past. It’s not worth the buzz.”

He paused briefly and added, “By the way, I have quite a few enemies from the

Central Plane. So, you must help keep my real identity a secret, Gaius.

Otherwise, troubles might come

looking for me and the Endlos.”

Gaius could tell that James did not wish to discuss more about his past life. He

did not press James for more details.

Instead, Gaius answered firmly, “Don’t worry. Your secrets are safe with me.”

James was certain that Gaius would do a good job keeping his secrets. After all, the man had remained in the Infinity Cities for such a long time with the sole

purpose of maintaining peace in Endlos.

“Also, you were amazing just now!”

Gaius gave him a thumbs-up. “I thought a huge battle would break out after the

two of you met. Yet, you managed to resolve the problem within just a few

minutes through a simple conversation.”

Then, he asked, “What should we do next, James?”

James smiled slightly. “We’ve removed Lor Willasse, our biggest threat. The rest of them won’t be able to cause too much damage. I am sure you and Gurgen

can eliminate those people at any time.”

“However, I’d like to see for myself how Wynton and Xrival actually feel about the Endlos. If they show no care for this place, we’ll exterminate them right

away. If they do, we may consider sparing them for old times sake.”

“Mhm.” Gaius nodded.


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