The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5141

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5141-“Let’s go back to the Orstellen Sect,” James said lightly, then turned to leave.

He returned to the Orstellen Sect but pretended nothing had happened. While

he waited for news about Xezal, he paid a visit to Zella.

“You’re back, James,” said Zella.

‘Yeah.” James walked over and sat down inside Zella’s room.

Zella immediately brought him some spiritual fruits.

“Has it ever crossed your mind that your brother is the reincarnation of a

powerhouse from a different plane?” asked James.

Zella was slightly flustered by his question. She walked over, put the spiritual

fruits on the table, and sat down. She

looked at James and said, “If that’s true, please spare his life. Regardless of his

past identity, he’s still my brother in this life.”

James immediately came to a realization and said, “I see. You already knew. So

when you told me about the reincarnations of powerhouses from other planes

around me, you were already aware your brother was one of them, right? That’s

why you only reminded me and didn’t give me names.”

Zella nodded lightly in response. She noticed something unusual about Wynton

and gave James a hint.

James said with a smile, “Don’t worry. No matter his actions, I’ll not end his life

for your sake.”

Zella had saved James before. If not for the inscription she gave him, he would

have died during his fight against Mekaisto.

James did not speak further on the matter. He stood up and left Zella’s

residence. Then, he went to see Livie.

“Dad.” During this period, Livie had been waiting anxiously. She was worried

something was going to happen to James and that he would fight with Lor

Willasse. Seeing James return, she rushed over to him.

“Dad, you’re back!”

James’ heart was warmed by her welcoming.

‘Yeah, I’m back,” James replied softly. Then, he asked, “Did you already know

that Wynton is the reincarnation of Emyr Island’s Young Master?”

“What? He’s Emyr Island’s Young Master?” Livie was startled.

‘You didn’t know?”

“No, I wasn’t aware.” Livie shook her head.

“Forget it, then.” James did not say anything more. He came to Livie to confirm

whether she knew Wynton’s identity.

“Dad,” Livie looked at James with a serious expression and pleaded, “If you win,

could you please spare him?”

“What if I lose?” James looked at her.

Livie said earnestly, “If the Endlos lose this battle, I’ll beg the Great Elder only to

take the Endlos Lights and spare innocent lives.”

James replied, ‘You don’t understand. The Endlos Lights are the Endlos’ core.

Whoever cultivates the Endlos Lights becomes the Endlos Lord and will be able

to control the Endlos. To them, the Endlos is just a small plane. The lives of the

Endlos’ inhabitants are insignificant to them.”

Livie bit her lips, at a loss for words.

James gently caressed her head and said smilingly, “Rest assured. What you’re

worrying about won’t happen. By the way, Lor has already been reincarnated.”

“Huh?” Livie’s jaw dropped in shock.


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