The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5142

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5142-Livie found it hard to believe Lor had been reincarnated.

Lor was Emyr Island’s Great Elder, a powerhouse at the Sovereign Third Rank.

He had terrifying strength, yet James claimed that he had been reincarnated. She recomposed herself and asked, “What happened?”

James said smilingly, “I went to see him and had a long discussion with him. He realized his wrongdoings and decided to reincarnate to atone for his sins.”

Livie did not believe James’ blatant lie. Curious about the truth, she asked,

“What exactly happened, Dad?”

Unfortunately, James refused to answer her. Seeing that James was unwilling to

speak, Livie did not pursue the matter further.

Afterward, James temporarily stayed in the Orstellen Sect and waited for news

about Xezal’s recent movements.

Although he was in the Orstellen Sect, Gurgen had been keeping track of Xezal,

Wynton, and the Ancestral Blood Master.

The three of them had already met up. Then, Xezal brought Thea and a few

human powerhouses to the Dark World.

Within the cast and boundless Dark World, a vast land covered by a powerful

formation had appeared out of the blue. Even the Dark World’s mists were

unable to penetrate through the formation.

The land was full of the powerhouses Lor had brought from Emyr Island.

To the west of the central region, there was a spiritual mountain.

Xezal sat in the highest seat of the main hall on the spiritual mountain. Wynton

was also seated beside her. Meanwhile, the other living beings in the hall were

standing before them.

Thea was also among the group of living beings. She glared at Xezal and said

coldly, “So you’re the one causing trouble, Xezal. You too, Wynton. I never

expected you to be the reincarnation of a powerhouse from Emyr Island*

Wynton looked at Thea and said, “My father only wants the Endlos Light. As

long as James hands it over, the Endlos Plane will be fine. After all, I’ve stayed

in the Endlos Plane for a long time and have some feelings for the place.”

Thea said, “James has already refined the Endlos Lights. He can’t hand them over.”

Wynton answered, “Then I’ll have to bring James back.”

“Young Master, don’t waste time talking to her. I’ll immediately dispatch my subordinates to send a message to the Orstellen Sect that James should come

and save his people if he has already returned. Otherwise, we will kill them all.”

Xezal behaved respectfully toward Wynton since he was Emyr Island’s Young

Master. Although Wynton’s current

status was below Lor, he was still bound to take over Emyr Island. In the future, Lor would be his subordinate.

She looked at Wynton and said smilingly, “After you get the Endlos Lights,

please eliminate a few of the Endlos Plane’s powerhouses, such as Taran, King

Marciais, Wyot, and others. I’ll take control of the Endlos Plane in the future, and we will serve Emyr Island.”

Wynton glanced at Xezal. He knew her character very well. Even if Emyr Island decided to seize the Endlos Plane, they would never leave Xezal in charge.

With Xezal’s scheming personality, her betraying Emyr Island would be a matter of time.

However, Lor was currently in charge. Wynton was unaware why Lor handed his

token to her, but he could only obey her for now.

“We’ll settle these matters later,” Wynton said calmly.

Xezal smiled in response. Then, she sent her subordinates to send a message

to the Orstellen Sect. Now, they just needed to wait.

Meanwhile, James waited in the Orstellen Sect. Soon, he received her message.


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