The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5143

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5143-Xezal sent a message demanding James to head to the Dark World alone.

James sat in the highest seat of the Orstellen Sect’s main hall, and many of the

sect’s powerhouses gathered below him.

Gurgen had returned to participate in the meeting. Gaius, King Marciais, Cray

and Hetsema were also present.

Hetsema had been staying in the Orstellen Sect and chose not to return to the

Human Universe’s Heavenly Court. Thus, he escaped the fate of being


“Xezal is too much! Dad, give me an order, and I’ll lead powerhouses from the

Orstellen Sect to the Dark World and exterminate her! I’ll also get rid of the

traitors, Xrival and Wynton. Then, I’ll bring Mom and the others back!” Hetsema

said furiously.

James tapped his fingers on the table.

“Don’t hesitate anymore, Dad! Or else their lives may be in danger!” Hetsema

said anxiously as if he really cared about Thea and the others.

James stood up and said, “I have my own plan. You guys stay in the Orstellen

Sect. I’ll personally make a trip to the Dark World.”

King Marciais stepped forward and said, “Do you want me to accompany you?

The Dark World is currently full of powerhouses. They must’ve already set up

multiple traps, waiting for you to arrive.”

King Marciais was still unaware Lor had already chosen to reincarnate himself

out of fear. Xezal’s group was no longer a match against James.

James waved his hand lightly and said, “That won’t be necessary. I’ll bring them

back safely.”

“But…” King Marciais wanted to persuade him.

However, Gaius intervened, saying, “With James taking action, there’s nothing

to worry about.”

King Marciais gave up after hearing Gaius’ words.

James disappeared from the hall and appeared at the Dark World’s border. Now

that he was powerful and had refined the Endlos Light, he had become a true

Lord of Planes, which allowed him to transverse a large area with just a thought.

After identifying the right direction, James stepped forward and appeared where

Xezal’s group was.

He arrived in the Dark World and saw a floating land. The land was as big as a

planet and was surrounded by mysterious formations, blocking out the black


James approached the land and shouted, “I’m here.”

Xezal had been waiting in the central region. Upon hearing James’ voice, she said excitedly, “Open the formation and let James in.”

Following Xezal’s order, the formation opened.

James walked inside with great strides. He immediately detected several

powerhouses within the formation with his powerful Zen.

He felt fortunate that he had forced Lor to reincarnate. Otherwise, it would be a disaster for the Endlos if a war broke out.

Even though there were many talented powerhouses in the Endlos, the forces brought by the Emyr Island were challenging opponents. The Endlos would

have to face huge losses even if they won the battle.

James stepped forward and arrived at the main hall in the land’s central region. He spotted the Ancestral Blood Master, Wynton, and Xezal.

He had to admit that Xezal was beautiful and had a graceful aura.

James scanned the main hall and said calmly, “I’m already here, so let the hostages go.”

Xezal stood up, looked at James mockingly, and said,” You’re very powerful,

James. I don’t trust you. I need you to abolish your cultivation base. Only then will I let them go.”

At that moment, Wynton stood up and said, “Don’t worry, James. We only want the Endlos Light. You just need to abolish your cultivation base and come with

us. We won’t make it hard for your family and friends.”


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