The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5144

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5144-Wynton and the Ancestral Blood Master knew James’ background very well.

James had even solved the battle at the beginning of time in the Tribulation

World. They were worried about being unable to handle him if he had not

abolished his cultivation base.

‘You…” James was speechless by their request.

He dispersed his cultivation base and strength in front of the powerhouses

within the hall. Soon, he went limp and fell to the ground. He seemed to not

have the strength to get up or speak.

“Can you let them go now?”

Xezal walked over to check on James. She could not see through James’

cultivation rank before, so she had to ensure he had no strength left to be at


She placed her hand on James’ forehead, and her power entered James’ body.

After not sensing any energy in James ’ body, she smiled in relief.

“Who would’ve thought you would have today, James? You can’t fight me.”

Wynton stood up and ordered, “Let the hostages go.”

A man in black stood up and immediately released the hostages.

James sat on the ground, scanned everyone in the hall, and asked smilingly,

“So what’s next?”

Xezal glanced at Wynton and said, “Take James with you and report back.

Leave Emyr Island’s powerhouses in the Endlos for now. I’ll use them to deal

with some people that pose a threat to Emyr Island.”

After successfully capturing James, they needed to bring him back to Emyr

Island. Xezal’s mission was completed. However, her real motive had not been

achieved yet.

Wynton’s brows furrowed. After giving it a brief thought, he said, “I can’t make

the decision of leaving you in charge of the Endlos Plane. I will have to report it

to the Great Elder.”

“I’ll see Lor myself,” said Xezal.

James slowly stood up and said with a smile, “I’m afraid that won’t be possible.

Lor is no longer here and has already been reincarnated.”


Everyone was shocked by James’ words.

James said calmly, “I met up with him and had an earnest talk with him. He

realized the graveness of his sins and decided to reincarnate himself.”

“Nonsense.” Xezal glared at James, not believing a word he had said.

James walked toward the front of the hall.

Xezal shouted, “Stop right there!”

However, James paid her words no attention.

Xezal reached out to grab James’ shoulder but was suddenly knocked away into

the distance by an invisible aura.

‘You…” Xezal was startled.

Wynton and the Ancestral Blood Master were also flabbergasted. They could not

understand how James still had strength after abolishing his cultivation base.

James ascended to the highest seat in the front of the hall and sat down. He

looked at the astonished audience and smiled faintly.

Apart from the powerhouses James already knew, there were a few unfamiliar

faces from Emyr Island that were at the Sovereign Rank.

“Take him down!” Xezal immediately issued an order.

Before the powerhouses at the Sovereign Rank could take action, two figures

emerged from James’ body and launched attacks. The figures were James’ past

form and future form.

The powerhouses were instantly reduced to ashes before they had a chance to

fight back and were not even spared the opportunity to reincarnate.

Immediately afterward, the two figures returned to James’ body.


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