The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5145

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5145-Everyone in the hall was shocked by the sight.

Shortly after, a powerful force blasted away Wynton, the Ancestral Blood Master, Sedris, and Xezal.

James looked at them and asked calmly, “Tell me, how would you like to die?”

Wynton stared at James. After a while, he took a deep breath and said, “Since

things have already come to this, I won’t retaliate. However, I want to know what

happened to Lor.”

James said smilingly, “As I said, he has been reincarnated.”

Wynton immediately cast a secret art to contact Lor.

However, he could not get hold of Lor, no matter how many times he tried. He

even tried to sense Lor’s aura but was to no avail.

Sedris knelt and begged, “Please spare my life, James. Lor arranged for my

reincarnation in the Endlos. Although I’m a disciple of Emyr Island, I have not

done anything unforgivable after being reincarnated in the Endlos.”

James looked at Sedris and said calmly, “I won’t kill you for Waleria’s sake.

However, you were a disciple of Emyr Island and led the Extraterrestrial Army to

infiltrate the Endlos.

You’ve caused countless deaths. I can spare your life, but you won’t be able to

avoid punishment. Today, I will seal you away in the Endlos Plane.”

James flipped his hand, and a cage emerged out of nowhere, instantly trapping

Sedris within it.

“The Theos Sect is your home, so I’ll seal you there. I hope you will repent. After

one hundred thousand entrapochs, the seal will be deactivated.”

The cage immediately disappeared and reappeared in the Theos District’s

Theos Sect.

Wynton, the Ancestral Blood Master, and Xezal remained silent in the hall.

Xezal’s pretty face showed reluctance to give up. She could not accept her

defeat after planning everything so carefully.

James looked at the Ancestral Blood Master, “Mr. Xrival.”

Despite who the Ancestral Blood Master was, they shared a genuine

relationship. The Ancestral Blood Master was not a righteous person, but he had

provided James with protection when James had first ventured out of the Chaos

District. Moreover, he was Thea’s father. Even though he was not her biological

father, he had raised her with care.

“Return to the Human Universe’s Blood Realm. You’re not to leave the Blood

Realm for one hundred thousand epochs.”

James waved his hand and sent the Ancestral Blood Master back to the Blood

Realm to repent. Then, he fixated his eyes on Wynton.

“You’re Emyr Island’s Young Master, so I should kill you.

However, we’ve been comrades for a long time. Thus, I will drive you out of the

Endlos and spare your life. It’s also for your sister’s sake. I won’t show mercy if

you ever step into the Endlos again.”

’Wait…” Wynton hurriedly spoke.

“What is it?”

Wynton looked at him earnestly and said, “Looking at our past friendship, can’t

you let me bring the Herstellen Art back to Emyr Island? Without it, my father

won’t be able to recover. If his condition deteriorates, Emyr Island will be annexed by other forces.”

James replied, “Sure, but I have a condition.”

“What is it?”

James elaborated, “I’ll give you the Herstellen Art. However, you must stay in

the Endlos to do good and make up for Emyr Island’s crimes. Emyr Island’s karma will be placed on you, and you can leave when it’s completely


“Alright, deal,” Wynton agreed without hesitation.

A mysterious Karma Power born from Emyr Island’s actions emerged and

enveloped Wynton’s body.

James kept his word to Wynton. He waved his hand, and a few mysterious inscriptions appeared. He had refined the Endlos Lights and had already

comprehended everything recorded within them.

‘These inscriptions have the Herstellen Art recorded within them. Instruct one of your subordinates to hand it to Fenton.


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