The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5147

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5147-Thea immediately approached James and asked concernedly, “Are you alright,


James cupped her face and replied smilingly, “What could’ve happened? I’ve

already resolved everything. The Endlos is freed from any dangers from now


‘You’ve resolved everything?” Thea looked at James in shock.


After briefly exchanging words, James looked at the floating land in the


Wynton had already arranged for a subordinate to return to Emyr Island with the

inscriptions James had handed him.

Xezal, on the other hand, wanted to follow James. However, she left in despair

after sensing the human’s hostile gazes.

Soon, Wynton also left the floating island. He bore the karma brought on by

Emyr Island’s actions. Therefore, he had to do good in the Endlos to neutralize

the karma.

“Be gone.” James raised his hand, and a powerful force surrounded the land.

The land collapsed, and the rest of the Emyr Army perished along with it.

“It’s finally over.” James took a deep breath.

The Endlos Plane suffered from an external crisis ever since it was born. Today,

it was finally resolved.

James said, “Let’s go.”

He led the group out of the Dark World.

“Thea, you lead them back to the Human Universe first. I need to handle some

stuff in the Orstellen Sect.”

“Alright.” Thea nodded and left with the group of humans.

James headed to the Orstellen Sect.

Inside the Orstellen Sect’s main hall, King Marciais exclaimed, “What? You want

to forfeit your position as the Orstellen Sect’s Leader?”

James replied, ‘Yeah. I’ve already resolved the Endlos’ crisis, and the

Extraterrestrial Demons won’t invade anymore. Thus, I do no need to hold onto

the position.”

Hetsema stepped forward and said righteously, “Pass on the title to me, Dad. I’ll

take over the Orstellen Sect. I promise to manage it well. Under my leadership,

the Orstellen Sect will maintain the Endlos’ peace.”

‘You?” James cast a glance at Hetsema.

Although James wanted to give up his position, he never considered handing it

over to Hetsema. He did not respond to him but turned to Gaius.

Gaius immediately refused, saying, “I don’t want to be the

Orstellen Sect’s Leader again. Now that the Endlos is peaceful, I’d like to have

some time to myself. Then, I’ll go check out the other planes.”

After hearing Gaius’ rejection, James looked at Gurgen.

Gurgen promptly responded to his gaze, “I’m also tired of responsibilities and

don’t want to be bothered with these trivial matters.”

“King Marciais?” James fixed his eyes on his final candidate.

“Don’t look at me. I’m too lazy to take care of these things. Moreover, we’ve

already agreed to leave the Endlos together after dealing with the

Extraterrestrial Demons. I think Hetsema is a decent guy with great potential.

You should leave him in charge.”

After giving it a thought, James nodded. “Alright.”

James planned to stay in the Endlos for some time before departing to the other

planes. Therefore, he decided it would be okay to let Hetsema take over for

now. If it did not work out, he could replace him again. After all, many talented

powerhouses in the Endlos were capable of shouldering the responsibility.

‘Thanks, Dad.” Hetsema was ecstatic.

James stood in the front of the hall. The Ten Districts and the Human Universe

appeared before him. He murmured, ” It’s about time to repair the Endlos

Heavenly Path destroyed by the Extraterrestrial Demons.”

Immediately afterward, he began restoring the Endlos

Heavenly Path. The District Heavenly Paths disappeared, and the Endlos

Heavenly Path immediately took over maintaining order throughout the Endlos.


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