The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5148

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5148-After the Endlos was relieved of its crisis, James gave up his position as the

Orstellen Sect’s Leader and restored the Endlos Heavenly Path. Then, he

returned to the Human Universe.

James and Thea settled down in Mount Bane and lived in seclusion for some


In the back of a spiritual mountain, James sat at the cliff and looked into the

distance pensively.

A beautiful woman with long black hair and an outstanding figure walked over.

Her black dress fluttered with the breeze as she approached him.

Thea sat beside James and asked, “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing much.” James snapped out of his thoughts.

A few moments ago, James remembered some events from his past life. If given

a choice, he would rather not regain his memories. Then, he could live a

carefree life in the Endlos. However, it was not up to him to decide. Even if he

refused to return to the Central Plane, his enemies would come looking for him

sooner or later. They would be desperate to get rid of him after their failed


As James’ wife, Thea could easily tell what was on James’ mind. She sighed

helplessly and said, “I know you want to leave. You just can’t be idle for once.

The Endlos is already peaceful, and you’ve only been free for some time. Yet,

you’re already eager to leave. Go ahead. The vast outside world is where you


James said smilingly, “There’s no need to rush. I’ll have to leave anyway, so it

doesn’t matter when. I’ll stay here longer and use this time to spread the

Supernatural Powers I’ve cultivated.”

The Central Plane was the core region of many planes. Countless formidable

powerhouses resided within the Central Plane. To expand their territory, these

powerhouses invaded smaller planes and conquered them for resources.

The Endlos Plane had been under attack by Emyr Island ever since its

existence. Now that James had taken care of the Emyr Island, the Endlos was

safe for the time being.

However, there was no stopping other planes from attacking after they

discovered the Endlos.

The Endlos Plane’s inhabitants would have to become stronger to protect their

homes. One or two powerhouses at the Sovereign Rank were insufficient to

protect the Endlos Plane. To ensure the safety of the Endlos Plane, they would

have to grow stronger.

Among the countless planes, there were a few ruled by powerhouses at the

Celestial Rank.

The Central Plane’s forces would not easily launch attacks against planes ruled

by powerhouses at the Celestial Rank.

Although James’ cultivation base was only at the Consummation Chaos

Completare Rank, he had outstanding achievements in the Martial Path and

was profound in inscriptions. Moreover, James had also refined the three Endlos


He already comprehended all the Paths and Inscriptions that existed within the

Endlos. Therefore, he could guide others to help them improve.

“Alright.” Thea nodded.

James said, “I plan to hold a conference.”

Thea replied, smiling, “Okay, I’ll make arrangements.”

Then, she stood up and left to prepare for James’ conference.

While Thea was walking away, James activated his Dobro Eyes, and a few

magical inscriptions appeared in his pupils and transformed rapidly,


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