The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5149

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5149-James saw Thea’s body engulfed by black mists.

He could sense Thea’s human soul. However, another soul was hidden deep

within her and had yet to awaken.

Unfortunately, his Dobro Eyes could not unravel the origin of her soul.

James was a very powerful cultivator in his previous life and was well-informed

about different things. Despite that, he was unable to see through Thea. He

murmured, “What’s Thea’s origin?”

He had eavesdropped on the Ancestral Blood Master’s conversation with Thea

and learned that Thea came from the deepest part of the Dark World. She was

escorted to the Endlos’ Chaos District by a group of demons and was found by

the Ancestral Blood Master.

“She’s from the depths of the Dark World, huh?” James’ brows furrowed.

Thea, on the other hand, did not think much about her origin. Even though she

learned about being found in the Dark World, she never dug deeper into it.

Instead, she focused on spreading the news of James’ conference throughout

the different districts.

Powerhouses from all over the Endlos rushed to the Human Universe’s

Heavenly Court and ascended to the Thirty-Third Heaven. Even though the

conference had not begun, a few powerhouses had already arrived at the


Even powerhouses like Taran Zach, Wyot, Gaius, and Gurgen had showed up to

attend James’ conference.

It had been some time since Hetsema became the Orstellen Sect’s Leader. At

first, he was cautious and would humbly ask powerhouses like Gaius, Gurgen,

and King Marciais for advice.

However, he was finally free from their supervision after they had left for the

Human Universe to attend James’ conference. He left the Orstellen Sect and

departed to the Chaos District’s Doom Universe.

Hetsema was very flamboyant. He arrived riding in an extravagant carriage

pulled by nine golden dragons and was followed by powerful guards.

His grand convoy immediately caught a lot of attention as he traveled in the

Chaos District.

‘The Orstellen Sect’s Leader has arrived in the Chaos District!”

Many powerhouses were watching his every move.

His convoy gradually traveled through the Chaos District. He ultimately arrived

at Mount Chaos, where the Dooms resided.

The Dooms’ powerhouses immediately noticed Hetsema’s arrival. Zaden, Xezal,

and the other powerhouses deactivated the formation and personally came out

to greet him.

Zaden said smilingly, “It’s a pleasure to have the Orstellen Sect’s Leader visit


Hetsema remained seated in the carriage. He replied proudly, “Is that how you

greet the Orstellen Sect’s Leader? You should kneel in my presence.”


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