The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5150

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5150-Yemima stood before the simple manor and watched Hetsema walk toward her.

Although she had always stayed on Mount Doom, she was aware of the things

happening outside. She knew her son had returned to the Human Race and

went by a new name given by Thea, Hetsema Caden.

Hetsema stopped before Yemima. He looked at the beautiful but haggardlooking woman and knelt to the ground. Then, he greeted her respectfully,


Yemima quickly helped him up and said, “What are you doing? You’re the

Orstellen Sect’s Leader and have a high status in the Endlos. Hurry, get up.”

“Mother, come with me to the Orstellen Sect,” said Hetsema.

Hetsema’s purpose for visiting the Dooms was to pick up Yemima and bring her

to the Orstellen Sect.

Yemima replied, “Why would I go there? I don’t want to. I’m fine staying here. It

would be uncomfortable living in an unfamiliar place.”

Hetsema looked at her and said, “Between Wyot and James, who do you love?”

“W-Why are you asking that?” Yemima averted her eyes, afraid to meet

Hetsema’s gaze.

“I can’t bear seeing you stay alone on Mount Doom. Give me

an answer, and I’ll talk with them about it,” Hetsema said straightforwardly.

Yemima noticed the persistence on Hetsema’s face. She reached out and

caressed his face, saying, “I’ve never seen your face so close up before. You’re

all grown up now. You shouldn’t cause trouble for others.”

Hetsema said, “Wyot is a coward not worthy of love. Since you’re already

entangled with James and gave birth to me, you should go to him. He is about

to have a conference in the Human Universe. I’ll bring you to him and ask him to

give you a title in front of everyone.”

“No…” Yemima quickly tried to stop him.

However, Hetsema ignored her and took her with him. His current cultivation

was way higher than Yemima’s. Although Yemima was a talented cultivator, she

had neglected her cultivation after the incident with James. At that moment, her

cultivation rank had not even entered the Caelum Acme Rank.

Yemima struggled to break free but was to no avail.

Hetsema dragged her into the carriage. Then, the nine dragons began to pull

the carriage toward the Human Universe.

James’ conference had already begun. A dojo was set up at the Human

Universe’s Thirty-Third Heaven to accommodate attendants. Many cultivators

were listening attentively to James’ speech.

Thea, Wyot, Taran, and some other powerhouses sat at the

front, closest to James. Powerful auras rose from their bodies, and it was

evident they had benefited a lot from James’ speech. They had gained insight

and were about to make breakthroughs in their cultivation ranks.


Suddenly, a powerful aura soared from the area closest to James. Immediately

afterward, magical multicolored light rays fell from the sky and engulfed a man.

“He made a breakthrough!”

‘That’s Wyot!”

‘Wyot has broken into the Sovereign Rank!”

The other powerhouses in the dojo noticed the aura emanating from Wyot and

were envious when they saw the colorful light rays falling from the sky onto him.


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