The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5151

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5151-James’ conference was a great inspiration to strong cultivators.

He stood on the podium and watched as Wyot entered the Sovereign Rank with

satisfaction. With Wyot’s breakthrough, the Endlos had another powerhouse at

the Sovereign Rank.

Suddenly, a carriage pulled by nine golden dragons interrupted the conference.

James’ brows furrowed at the sight. The powerhouses in the dojo turned toward

the carriage. Under everyone’s gaze, Hetsema pulled Yemima out of the


“Huh?” Everyone was stunned.

Hetsema dragged Yemima through the void and walked to the central area of

the dojo.

Thea immediately reacted and reprimanded him, “What are you doing,

Hetsema?!! Get out of here! Don’t you know what kind of occasion this is? If you

need to discuss something, we’ll do it after the conference.”

Hetsema replied nonchalantly, “It can’t wait till the conference ends. Since Wyot

and James are already here, I need them to give my mother closure.”

The light rays surrounding Wyot’s body dispersed. Then, he stood up and fixed

his gaze on Hetsema and Yemima in the void.

Yemima said pleadingly, “Forget it, Hetsema. Let’s go back. There are so many

people watching us. Haven’t I been embarrassed enough?”

Hetsema said unconcernedly, “What’s there to be ashamed of?”

He turned to Yemima and said, “I can’t bear seeing you stay in Mount Doom

alone. You’ve locked yourself there for countless epochs and never even

stepped outside.”

Hetsema glared at Wyot and growled, “You’re a coward, Wyot. We’ve already

come to this, but are you still going to avoid it? If you back away this time, you’ll

lose her forever.”

After scolding Wyot, he turned to James and said, “You’ve never given my

mother a proper title, nor have you taken responsibility for your actions. Today,

you should at least give her closure in front of all these people.”

Hetsema’s voice resounded throughout the dojo.

Yemima was incredibly troubled by the situation. She did not want to face James

and Wyot at the same time.

She snuck a glance at Wyot, but he said nothing in response. Then, she peeked

at James and saw his solemn expression.

The entire dojo fell silent. Everyone’s gaze was on James and Wyot.

Thea also turned to James, wondering how he would react. His children were

also shocked that Hetsema brought Yemima to the dojo and stared at James.

Suddenly, Wyot stood up and said, “You should’ve stayed in the Orstellen Sect,

Hetsema. Why are you here causing a scene?”

Hetsema shouted, “You’re a coward, Wyot! The woman you love was snatched

by someone else, but you’re not going to do anything?”

Hetsema’s words triggered Wyot. In the past, he had been constantly trying to

kill James. However, it had only ended with his defeat. After so much time

passed, he had let go of the matter and wanted to allow time to settle


“Shut up!” Wyot roared, and his voice echoed throughout the dojo like rumbling

thunder. He had already entered the Sovereign Rank, and his aura was

terrifyingly strong. His voice permeated the air, and it felt like the Thirty-Third

Heaven would collapse.


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